Friday, January 29, 2016

Counting Mousies

The Post Where Marley takes over fer 'Count von Count' From Sesame Street...

Plot Intention:  Marley helps kittens learn to count using familiar objects.

Plot Device:  Sesame Street's 'Count von Count' enlists Marley to teach numbers 1-4.

Script:  (Count von Count) "Hello kittens.  Today ve haf a guest star, Marley from Mark's Mews.  He says he vill help us learn to count from 1 to 4.  Isn't that eziting?
Count von Count kneeling.png
(Marley) "Thank you Count!   I have long admired yer episodes and yer night-time habits!  I have to credit this episode to Snow, Basements, and the number "4".

We had a recent heavy snow here, and some regular outside field mousies needed shelter.  So they came into my basement seeking "shelter from the storm".  I was VERY pleased to meet them.  All cats LOVE mousies...

So today kittens, we will practice our numbers 1 -4.  That is: 1, then 2, then 3, then 4!  Are you ready to count?

First, "ONE MOUSIE". ..
 Second, "TWO MOUSIES"...
And fourth, "FOUR MOUSIES!

Wow, FOUR mousies in one day!

So kittens, that is how to count to "FOUR"!  How about that?  Did you learn something today?  Can you count to "FOUR" now?  I hope you can now. 

When you grow up, someday you will catch mousies on yer own and be able to count them yerselfs!"

End of show, as mayhem breaks out on the Sesame Street stage.  The Count claiming he was duped, the rodent actors walking off in protest,  and the stage cats re-considering their loyalty to the rodent actors...

Marley teleports home in triumph, secure in his fame as a hunter...


  1. Wow, four mousies! Way to go!

  2. Four mousies, and one is not like the others...remember doing puzzles like that?? We think one of those mousies is a deer mouse...not fur sure, but it seems like one! We are not allowed in our cellar, else we might be counting mousies too!

  3. Wow, Marley, I am so impressed! Especially considering that we have had a rat invasion for some months and except for the one I cornered (alive), I haven't been able to catch any!

  4. That's incredibly impressive Marley.

    Sydney, Australia

  5. Awesome foursome, and so educational. We approve.

  6. WOW ! We are very impressed by your mad skillz. Did you get to keep them??

  7. Marley você fez um ótimo trabalho, acho que você merece uma porção extra no jantar!

  8. Well done Marley! You are indeed a Mighty Hunter. I have to go out in the rain to catch mine. Maybe I should invite them in where it is nice and warm and dry.

  9. Wow! What a hunter you are, Marley!

  10. Sorry Melissa, I think you are the only one that feels sorry for the mice. Good job ! How many did you each catch? Or did you get them all yourself Marley? I hope Dad gives you a dewormer every once in a whole those awful rodents can give you bad stuff.

  11. My goodness, one for each paw is quite impressive Marley!

  12. Wow Marley, did they try to invade the house cuz of the snow? Or did you find them out in the snow.


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