Saturday, April 30, 2016

Picture Mystery Solved!

OK, we kept lookin at that picture from yesserday.  TBT kept lookin at it too.  HE got the idea of rotating it slowly and then we all went OH!!!
It was our bedroom, but blurry!  But when we looked at the original (heads all tilted ta the left, it made sense...  What we thought were toy mousies were hats.  What we thought was a box was the frame around the closet doors.

The picture has a weerd shape cuz we twisted it ta make it level...

It is (of course) TBTs fault.  He seems to have pressed the TAKE button while he was moving the camera to get a picture of US (and what better ta take a picture OF?).

Mystery solved.  But we have instructed TBT ta be more careful with handling his camera in the future...  We dont need confoosing pictures like THAT!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Freaky Friday

AYLA:  None of us are quite sure what ta make of this picture, but since that appears ta be MY tail, I got forced allowed ta write the post about it.  It seems that I was hopping into a box, but it also seems to be on the waterbed, but those also seem to be mousies in rows.  None of which makes anny sense.
TBT says it LOOKS like multiple exposures and some sort of digital stuttering in the camera  (the rows of mousies, several images of the box, and those 2 squiggles inside the box).  Beats US what happened!

But we thought it was weerd enough ta show fer yer amusement...

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thursday Flashback

IZA:  Since it is was too wet today fer a Garden Tour, I am showing some pictures of what it was like last year at this time.  Particularly, a couple pretty flowers we somehow dint get pictures of this year.

This is the last of some tulips planted way in the back of the yard years ago.  Its got a bit overgrown there now, so we arent sure iffen it is still growing.  I think TBT should plant more of these in the new spots so we can see them easier!
This is called Brunella.  The flowers are pretty, but they are very small and only last a few days.  Brunella is planted mostly fer the leafs.
Last year, the goldfinch feeders were hanging next to the deck.  They were out of paw-reach, of course, but sometimes the goldfinchies sat up on the rails.  We caught 2 of them, so THIS year they are hangin from a tree where the birdies are safe.
It sure was exiting watching them so close though...

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Werdy Wensday

AYLA:  I had a Super-Poof today!  TBT says he thinks it is the poofiest ever.  Not that Im proud about poofing, cuz that allus about something bad, but I guess "the most" of annything is inneresting.
 TBT was out on the deck an saw it when it happened AND had the camera in his pocket.   So by the time I ran up onto the deck, he was ready!
Oh, I should mention I got hit by a small branch.  The Evil Skwerls throw that stuff at us sometimes.  They cant break loose anything big enough ta hurt, but it can sure be a SURPRISE!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

TV Tuesday

IZA:  Unlike Ayla, I dont watch the TV much.  But I sure like nappin right next to it!  Between the TV behind me an the DVD player right below, this is a good warm spot.  An it means TBT sees me while he watches the TV.
BTW, he was watchin a DVD about the Declaration Of Independence.  He likes that sort of stuff.
Whatever.  I dont care iffen he is watching someone chop wood.  As long as Im warm and in view, thats what matters...

Monday, April 25, 2016

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  TBT got up early (fer him) this morning.  Ayla an Iza said he was comin back ta bed, but I know something about TBT the girls dont.  When he turns on the hall light, hes UP!

So I did a mild stretch and stepped off the bed ta wait in the kitchen.  Cuz the first thing he does when he is REALLY up is feed us!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Easy like Sunday

AYLA:  Me and Iza used up the whole TBT lap today.
She was unusully peaceful about it.
Well, it WAS Sunday, after all.
So where is Marley?  Why he is on the back of the chair!
We were ALL on him at once.
Just not all on the same spot!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sisfurly Saturday

AYLA:  Well, sometimes I DO spend quiet time on TBTs lap with Iza!  Its just not as often or fer as long as Marley does or when it is Me and Marley.
But this one was REALLY rare!  ALL 3 OF US at once...  It dint last very long.  Marley had got there 1st and Iza was trying ta settle in.  Then I hopped up an was half on TBT an half on the arm of the chair.  We need a wider chair.  An Ive seen some really wide things (TBT says "couches"), but we dont have one of those.  
Marley gave up first...  So it was just Sisfurs fer a while.  Until he tried ta shift his legs.  
Then *I* hopped off!  I cant stand movement when Im tryin ta settle down...

CORRECTION:  TBT just pointed out ta me that thats not Marley, thats just a bad shadow on Izas backside!  Marley was on the lap briefly with us, but thats not him!  "Bad shadow, Bad"!  ~ Ayla 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Earth Day 2016

We allus love the graphics that Ann creates for these special days.  But we are tryin ta learn ta do some stuff ourselves.  So we add ta hers in our own special way! 

Photoshop drives us crazy sometimes, but small steps, small steps...

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Welcome to my Garden Tour, furiends!  I have lots of pretty flowers ta show today...

 These are the last tulips to bloom this year.  We are hoping they all bloom closer ta the same time next year.
They look better close up.  We like these painted tulips more than solid color ones (but we have those too, since they also look nice).
The early daffodils are finally in full bloom.  We know they will bloom earlier next year.  They were just planted late.  Even better, there will be more next year cuz they multiply.  Hah hah, I just realized that they multiply by dividing!  Bein language is funny...
These were also planted late, but they naturally bloom later.  We dont know what they will look like cuz TBT lost the label and cant look up the picture.  Mebbe there will be some blooming next week!
These are actually 2 different kinds of tulips.  The ones in the back have more orange and the ones in front have more yellow.  They looked more differnt in the catalog. An TBT meant ta plant them apart from each other but remembered the descriptions of the names wrong  Too late ta change them NOW!
 Ya can see how they look yellowier just opening than when in full bloom!
These purple ones were sposed ta be between them...
We can see all of them from up here on the deck...  TBT is gonna be planting daylilies in the empty spaces.
But also, being up on the deck is very convenient.  Because that where the snacks are!

Today we have bacon and some chick-hen bits, and there are cream/nip smoothies.

Thanks for coming along on the Garden Tour this week!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tonguey Tuesday

IZA:  OK, Im calling this Tonguey Tuesday, but it was really yesserday just after when what Marley wrote about then.  I dont mind Marley on TBTs lap.  He doesnt move much and hes warm.  But I had business to take care of.  
Lap, lap, lap, lap, lap, lap...  It takes a while.
And I needed ta chew of a couple claw sheaths.  Werk, werk, werk; I swear our need ta groom never seems ta end.  Thank Ceiling Cat I dont have long fur (no offense ta you long-hairs furriends, I just cant imagine how ya EVER get time ta nap! ) 
But, well, I DID finally nap-off fer a while.   And gladly!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  Some days are just uneventful, and today was one of those.  Ive been ending up on TBTs lap with Iza a lot this year.  I love my Sisfur Ayla a lot, but Iza is more tolerant of sharing his lap and some movement doesnt bother her like it does Ayla. 
So I take advantage of that sometimes.  I'd rather have his lap to myself, but trying to get it before Iza does is a real challenge.  Its like she knows when he is about ta sit down before HE does an shes allus ready to jump up.  Seriously, that girlcat sits on the arm of the chair just watching and waiting!
So, a 1/2 a lap is better than none. 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  I decided ta do my EASY as SOFT as possible today!  Im on the soft thick waterbed, which is covered with a soft mattress pad, which is covered by 2 soft thick blankies, which are covered by a nice smooth sheet. 

But that wasnt enough.  I chose the ONE spot that also had a small soft TBT cloth t-shirt!
One should never pass up the SLIGHTEST additional softness...
Im sure I will nap MUCH BETTER now! 

Saturday, April 16, 2016


IZA:  I have to say, in response to all the comments on my "claws" post, that we are allowed to have long sharp claws here.  TBT sometimes objects when SOMEKITTY  (*coff, Ayla, coff*) is  unner the blankies at night and dig into him a bit, or when I "reach out and touch him" as he walks past, but he is pretty tolerant.  But he has a reason, which I'll leave him to esplain...

TBT here:  Many years ago, I had my cats' front claws removed.  It didn't seem a Big Deal at the time.  And it sure made life easier.  Personally, it never seemed to bother Tinkerbelle, Skeeter, or LC.  But that was the early 90s and times change and we learn new ways of thinking. 

When I asked the vet about that 20 years ago, his only concern was that they would be mostly indoors cats so they wouldn't NEED the claws for protection.  Today, he wouldn't do it (same vet).  We live and learn...

So now I am possibly overly protective of the cats' claws.  I don't clip.  I give them many places to scratch on.  They run around outside enough too. 

But things can go too far as well.  In February, the vet clipped Ayla's claws without my permission.  He had a good reason, though.  Several of her claws were getting ingrown.  I agreed with him that that was a good idea.  I go along with whatever the vet says.  He's been taking care of my cats for 30 years now.  He cried with me when Skeeter was euthanized, and when LC went comotose in 2010 and he couldn't revive her. I trust him.

So there needs to be a balance. 

I can't do the clippies.  The Mews aren't used to me doing it, my hands aren't steady enough (a whole other story), and it would take 3 or 4 hands beyond my 2.  So every 3 months they will get it done professionally.

I admire cat's claws as a part of their essence.  I accept (painfully sometimes) that they engage me with them.  But they also accept certain sometimes painful acts by me (Iza especially gets clonked by my shoe when she follows me too closely).  We all forgive each other.  I hope...

So we are all still trying to get the balance of their desire for sharp claws and my desire not to be made to bleed too often...

Thanks for understanding.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Garden Tour Thursday On Friday


 Since I dint get ta do the Garden Tour yesserday (tax time fer TBT), Im doing it TODAY instead.  The place is too pretty ta skip...

So please come along an join me.  The weather is GORJUS!

Half of the tulips are blooming like mad.  The snow last week didnt harm them.   These yellow&Red ones are bootiful.
The purple ones are really nice too!
 Some are just getting ready ta bloom...
The early daffodils are looking good.
The late ones are just coming up.
These beauties are called "Flair", and they deserve the name.
These are Purple Prince.  And it doesn't get much purplier than those!
These are older ones  that the voles have never found (cuz they are near the house where the moles dont seem ta like ta tunnel).  They are older than *I* am.  And ya may notice that there is NIP growing around them.  Mebbe THAT helps too.  Help yerselfs ta some of the NIP, BTW, we have plenty.
 Here is a longer view of the new tulip bed.  Its good ta get the Big Picture sometimes.
 There will be Summer flowers planted between the tulips soon.  That will be good fer future tours!

Now lets get up on the deck fer snacks.  We have a surprise this week.  EVIL SKWERL bits!  No, WE didnt catch it (TBT did an we arent asking questions).  And to accompany it, we also have Meowgaritas, Niptinis, and plain cream.  (Creamed skwerl, LOL).

But fer those more traditional, Marley has brought out some fancy chick-hen bits TBT was saving.  "Something fer evrykitty", he says.

Thank you all fer coming along on my Garden Tour!