Thursday, April 21, 2016

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Welcome to my Garden Tour, furiends!  I have lots of pretty flowers ta show today...

 These are the last tulips to bloom this year.  We are hoping they all bloom closer ta the same time next year.
They look better close up.  We like these painted tulips more than solid color ones (but we have those too, since they also look nice).
The early daffodils are finally in full bloom.  We know they will bloom earlier next year.  They were just planted late.  Even better, there will be more next year cuz they multiply.  Hah hah, I just realized that they multiply by dividing!  Bein language is funny...
These were also planted late, but they naturally bloom later.  We dont know what they will look like cuz TBT lost the label and cant look up the picture.  Mebbe there will be some blooming next week!
These are actually 2 different kinds of tulips.  The ones in the back have more orange and the ones in front have more yellow.  They looked more differnt in the catalog. An TBT meant ta plant them apart from each other but remembered the descriptions of the names wrong  Too late ta change them NOW!
 Ya can see how they look yellowier just opening than when in full bloom!
These purple ones were sposed ta be between them...
We can see all of them from up here on the deck...  TBT is gonna be planting daylilies in the empty spaces.
But also, being up on the deck is very convenient.  Because that where the snacks are!

Today we have bacon and some chick-hen bits, and there are cream/nip smoothies.

Thanks for coming along on the Garden Tour this week!


  1. Thank you for the garden tour and refreshments! I love spring flowers, but Jenna is more interested in the snacks :)

  2. Great tour, thank you. You have a lot of blooms right now.

  3. WOW! Things are really taking shape!

  4. What lovely flowers. And we will be right over for snacks.

  5. Fabulous flowers. And, you know, I don't think it's asking too much of TBT that he might dig up those tulip bulbs (and the bulb cages) and replant them so that the colours are the way he intended! LOL

    Sydney, Australia

  6. Todas as flores são lindas, mas a minha preferida é o narciso, elas me fazem pensar em adoráveis e pequenas xícaras de chá. hihi
    O canteiro está ficando muito bonito!

  7. Purrty, give them time, they will all fill in!

  8. My human loves tulips... sadly, we don't have the climate for them because they would look awesome in our front yard.

  9. The spring flowers look lovely and colourful. We only had daffodils and the wild snowdrops this year. We knew the mousies must have ate the crocus bulbs, but it looks like they ate the few tulips we had too.

  10. Your tulips are so pretty!

    Around here we still don't have those blooming yet. We don't plant those either cause the squirrels dig them out...and of course we have so many accursed moles. Dog-guy doesn't like them...maybe they taste bad...he prefers to chase critters above the ground, MOL!


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