Saturday, April 30, 2016

Picture Mystery Solved!

OK, we kept lookin at that picture from yesserday.  TBT kept lookin at it too.  HE got the idea of rotating it slowly and then we all went OH!!!
It was our bedroom, but blurry!  But when we looked at the original (heads all tilted ta the left, it made sense...  What we thought were toy mousies were hats.  What we thought was a box was the frame around the closet doors.

The picture has a weerd shape cuz we twisted it ta make it level...

It is (of course) TBTs fault.  He seems to have pressed the TAKE button while he was moving the camera to get a picture of US (and what better ta take a picture OF?).

Mystery solved.  But we have instructed TBT ta be more careful with handling his camera in the future...  We dont need confoosing pictures like THAT!


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