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Friday, June 17, 2016

Box Day And Aylas 9th Birfday

IZA:  Oh we almost fergot it was Box Day today, and TBT dint have time ta take new pictures.  He really FAILED us on this day...

We are all a bit annoyed.  But, ta make the best of things, we decided ta search our pictures fer us in boxes.

We have a Special Box for Box Day.  TBT wrapped one all up in fancy paper fer us a few years ago.  I was 1st in, of course.  I AM sort of the Box Girl around here!  Marley an Ayla came running over ta see the new fancy box (and admire ME in it Im sure).
And another fave box of mine.  TBT cracks up laffn when he sees me in it.  He esplained it to me once but I ferget what he found so funny.
Another year, TBT put the box on its side.  We couldnt quite figure out what ta do with it that way.  Marley sniffed it fer "weerdness" an tried ta push it over, but he couldnt push far enough.  Even the cat rule didnt werk (Iffen ya push something hard enough, it WILL fall over).
But TBT COULD push hard enough, so Marley jumped inside.  Corollary ta the Cat rule is that "Beins can push things harder than cats can").
Now there is another matter of importance what happens to happen on the same day as Box Day this year.

[Edit, we thought Box Day was 17th, TBT is totally ta blame of course]

Ayla is 9 today!  A whole year fer every regular cat life!  Once again, she is the oldest of us 3.  We dont know how she keeps that up.

But ta celebrate her 9th birfday, we are throwin a pawty and EVERYONE is invited.  Even Beins and non-cat-type anipals...

Climbin Ladders...
Tunnels and Stuff...
And Wand Toys!

Shrimps and Ham...

Veggies fer the non-carnivore guests (and all are safe here this day)...
And *I* am wearin my best outfit in honor of Aylas 9th!
So please come join us ta celebrate Aylas 9th Birfday Box Day Celebration!   


  1. We're on our way - expect chaos. I hope at least the Felociraptors are polite enough to stop to wish you happy 9th birthday Ayla before they tear all over the place and fill every box available.

  2. Happy birthday, Ayla! But... I thought Box Day was Sunday the 19th!

  3. Chaotic pawties are the best! And we have enough boxes (and foods) fer all.

  4. Ayla, you beautiful LadyCat! You are looking lovely! Happy Birfday! I see Iza is wearing her bestest for you XOXOXOXO I have recently developed an affection for boxes! But I still need another Advantage treatment so I suspect I might *not* yet be a welcome party guest. ::sob::

  5. Well, if you're throwing a party, we'll be right over. Happy birthday, Ayla! (P.S. I don't think you guys have enough toys. You might want to talk to TBT about that.)

  6. You are looking beautiful sitting in your jewels Ayla. BTW we have box day down for Sunday, 19th June 2016.

  7. What a party! Happy, happy birthday, Ayla!

  8. Ayla, happy birthday! And what pawty! I can't wait to taste everything and you know, last pawty I meant to climb a ladder and didn't do it. Today, in your honor I will! And I''ll meow Happy Birthday from right on top!

  9. Katie, Dear Friend, I will sit on the floor and listen ta you Meow Me a Happy Birfday with pleasure! ~ Ayla

  10. Happy birthday Ayla! Wow, you guys throw the bestest parties! We're going to occupy some of your bags!
    By the way, we tried to get some box pictures for whenever box day is.. but we are so uninterested in boxes that it was a no go. Well, mostly uninterested, Cashmere likes to shred them!

  11. Happy Birthday! We luff a good pawrty. And those are most excellent boxes. PS: girl, that is one fine necklace.

  12. Happy PurrthDay Beautiful ... where did TBT find those awesome "jewels" for you ... so many toys to play with, so much foodies ... wow, y'all know how to throw a party!
    9 years and going strong!

  13. Happy birthday Ayla. Congratulations on another year where you scored the prize for being the oldest - that's a magnificent achievement!

    Sydney, Australia

  14. Happy Birthday, Ayla! Great party with all the toys and snacks!

  15. Happy, happy birthday, Ayla! Wonderful spread, too!

  16. Happy 9th Birthday, Ayla! Jenna is on her way. She isn't into boxes but does love a good cat pawty.

  17. Happy Birthday, Ayla!!
    We think its fine to be nine!!

    We helped meowmy make you a birthday card.
    Here is the code for it...ask your TBT to copy it, then he can save it/post it for you wherevfur you like!

    Now we are off to pawrty here, and who knows where meowmy will find us when she getd=s home from work, MOL!

  18. Happy Box Day gang and Happy Birthday beautiful Ayla!

  19. Woo hoo who doesn't love boxes??
    A very very happy birthday Ayla!!!!

  20. Wow ! What a pawty ! And those boxes ! Happy Birthday Ayla ! We hope you have a wonderful day filled with treats and cuddles. Purrs

  21. Aaaaaaaaaw Happy Meowday gawjus Ayla. Fanks fur invitin' us to da pawrty. We had a blast. Hope your day is purrfect. Those sure are some great boxes. Have fun.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  22. Happy Birthday Ayla! I can't resist a good party and yours is certainly a good one. Those are great pictures of you all in the boxes.

  23. Happy Birthday Ayla! We ho[r you get ELEBENTY boxes for box day tomorrow!!!

  24. Happy Birthday beautiful Ayla! And Iza, I love your twisted box :) Great party! We love the bags, those are hard to get around here.

  25. Happy Birthday Ayla!!! We're going to have lots of fun at our party!!! Save a big shrimp for me!!!

  26. Happy Birthday, Ayla! This sure is a fun party!

  27. Feliz Aniversário, Ayla! Muitos cafunés para você menina bonita.

  28. Happy Belated Purrthday Ayla. Youre such a cutie. We hope your party was great.

  29. Happy Belated Birthday, lovely Ayla!...What a fun party=we are so sorry we missed beautiful Ayla's celebration...Love and hugs, dear friends...xo...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat


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