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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Exercise Wensday

IZA:  Up, Down, Up, Down...  Oh HI!  Im just doing my exercises.  Iffen I dont, TBT will put me on a diet.
What?  YOU dont hafta do exercises?  
Oh, Im just kidding, MOL!  Im really just laying on a mat.  TBT turned around a couple pictures ta see what they looked like an I decided ta pull a funny!  Ya didnt really think *I* would exercise did you?

Ya DID???  Hmmm, would ya like ta buy a some "special" non-biting fleas? 


  1. Duz the non-biting fleas lives on da Brooklyn Bridge? Cause we would so buys a bridge too. Well you looks cutes anyways. -Katie Kitty Too.

    Me does exercises though... mine am called jump on the end table to gets petted... -Doobie Davey who likes doing exercises fur petting times.

  2. MOL we thought that was how you kept so fit!

    The Florida Furkids

  3. MOL ! You got us, Iza ! Purrs

  4. But... but... you ARE exercising, Iza! You're holding up the wall!

  5. Exercise is way too much work!

  6. Yep - you got me too.

    Sydney, Australia

  7. We dare say nothing: Aila is too close and also in a non-exercise mood.

  8. When our unfurbros were bambinos, the peeps would take their wee arms or legs, and gently move them up and down, in and out and round was their exercise MOL! Thanks for the reminder, Iza!
    Meowmy got her exercise by mowing the lawn...three hours of slugging...ugh! At least it was not hot today:)

  9. MOL, exorcisin are highly overrated.

  10. Iza você é uma menina engraçada! hihihi


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