Sunday, July 24, 2016

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  The HOTS are getting depressing!  Its gotten over 90F for at least a week (I just cant remember back much further than that) and TBT says it will stay this way for another week.  We go outside and even in the shade we are ready ta come back inside (where it is very comfortable) after 20-30 minnits!

TBT was nice enough ta put a folded towel on the plant rack so we can look into the back yard while staying cool.
Green isnt my favrit color ta sit on, but I can put up with that iffen it means I can be  cool while watchin the Birdie TV.
I wish it would rain, cuz it is all dry as dust out there...

Pee Ess:  TBT said I should have been clearer about the temperatures.  The coolest day the past week was 90 and the past few days have been 97, 98, etc, which will last several more days.  The "feels like" temperature has been 105 to 110 what with the humidity and bright sun and stored ground heat and THAT will continue several more days. 

Sorry abut that.  ~ AYLA 


  1. It has been very hot here as well. Our normal summer temperature is around 65 but it was nudging 90 the past week. It is much cooler today and we have rain.I hope it cools down for you too and you get rain to settle the dust.

  2. I think your furs go nicely with the green. Good luck keeping cool, it is unbearable here too.

  3. I had a therapy cat visit today, and it was so hot that the moment my human and I went back to the car, I started panting! So she turned on the air conditioner and blasted it for a few minutes before putting me back in my carrier (even though the carrier had a cool-pac in it under my towel). And even though I usually get put in the back seat, she put my carrier in the front passenger seat so I could get more air conditioning for the ride home.

  4. Same here sweetie except at 10 degrees, yuck!

  5. It is HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!

  6. Yep, it;s hot here too. We's finally gotten far enuff into summer we's in da triple digits all day and half da night. Stay cool and have a blest day.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  7. You look good on green, Ayla, but if it's not to your taste, just let TBT know your colour preference and I'm sure that he will try to accommodate it.

    Sydney, Australia

  8. We agreed, Ayla. It's been too hot and it's just no fun. Though today we had a little rain...which didn't help much but to make everything really humid. Ugh.

  9. Here it's over 90 for months!

  10. It's miserably hot here, too. Stay cool!

  11. It wouldn't be so horrid if the humidity was less...pity those who have to work outside.
    Pawppy even put off mowing the grass, though it needed it, even in the drought the weeds seem to find just enough moisture to get tall...and our grass is just brown stubble, no bare feet around here,and imagine tender kitty paws. Anypaws, then we got *some* rain and a bit of a cool off so the yard was mowed. Hooray.

    That towel looks nice and soft...and green so you can pretend its grass you are on:)


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