Friday, July 22, 2016

Freaky Friday

We saw a show on the TV about us cats yesserday!  This was normal ta us.
But there was some stuff WE didnt know.  We get spied on!  Satellites or drones or something.

What, TBT?  Its collars?  Hmmm...  Annyway, the Beins studied some cats and THEY had tracking collars on.  The yellow is one cat, the green another.  It showed how we wander more than most Beins realize.

Dang, they figured it out...

Now TBT wants one of those ta put on US.  Right.  Good luck with THAT.
There was also some stuff about how we see and how Beins see.  We couldnt see the difference.  TBT said well of course not.  We are still thinking about that.  He claims there are colors he sees that we dont.  Like how we can smell things he cant.  This bothers us.  We are purrfect.  How can there be senses he has that we dont?

This part was about cat doors.  Some don't feel safe ta use cuz there is no hiding places right outside.  So The Science Bein told the  House Beins ta move plants close to the door so the house cats could peer around carefuly before really going out.  DUH!  Well, that worked fer that cat, so GOOD!

We asked TBT about a cat door, but he says we dont have the right kind of door one.  BAST!  But he says he has an idea that might work, so GOOD.  We would love ta be able to go out and in when we choose.
This was one of the cats studied.  
Glanor shot...
With Being...

There were warnings about the little Beins that pull tails.  One cat in the study moved to a new home 3 yards away because it got tired of the tail-pulling ans chasing AND the Beins brought in a loud yappy dog.  So it found a better place.
Happy there...
Even with a cat it dint know before...
These are some farn cats.  They mostly feed themselfs on mice, but they got treated to a whole chunk of meat.  We think that is a turkey neck.  We have told TBT WE would like  whole turkey neck.  BTW, they said we were just fine with raw bones, its just the cooked ones that are bad fer us.
And then they closed the show with THIS handsome cat.  
We want TBT to buy us this show so we can watch it again.  He says it is on every few weeks and he might record it.  Either way is fine with us. 


  1. Wow this is really inneresting stuffs. We fink TBT must be like Bill Nye the Science Guy in real life. He seems real smart to us.

    Love you, Iza-Lambie! XOXOXO

  2. P.S. We leaved our comment before we saw yours tonight. SO NOW we has to ass that TBT is like Shakespeare too. So he's Science Guy and a POET to boot. We has the impressed.

  3. What a cool show! My human's cat before Sparkle was an indoor-outdoor cat, and my human is positive that she traveled quite a bit! She was a very restless kitty.

  4. That was quite interesting gang and that was sure a long bit of wandering around!

  5. We sometimes get TV shows about cats too we don't bother to watch too much as we'd sooner be out in the garden!

  6. I really enjoyed this TV show review of yours! We learned a lot, and it sounds you like you did, too. That cat door does sound like a real winner, and I bet you all would like it lots. It sure would be interesting to see how far you guys traveled. But, those spy collars don't look or sound like all that much fun to prance around in, do they? Well, anyway, thanks for sharing all of this fun stuff with us!

  7. That looks like a great show! I will have to see if it is available "on demand" on Comcast. I don't have cable but am staying at my mom's this weekend and will check it out since she has cable! Thank you for the review.

  8. Hmmmm.. we think anything the hooomins have that we don't can't matter much. But the rest was quite interesting.

  9. THAT was a good one. I wish I had seen it with Mom.

  10. We caught this show too and thought it was very interesting!

  11. Sounds like a neat show.

    We're sorry to read the comment you left. Every kitty should have fishy flakes at least once! Hint, hint, TBT. :)

  12. Cool, we think we's seen this show befur too. As fur da turkey neck, mommy says it's good fur us kitties. But me didn't want any pawrt of dat. Let us know ifin ya'll eat it. Maybe ya'll know some tricks we don;t.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  13. We think our Dad is depriving us from seeing this channel, because, obviously, there's important stuff we should know!

  14. That show sounds very interesting ! Angel Loupi was used to go far away from home during the day. Purrs

  15. That looks like a series that was on UK TV a while ago. If it is the same one, my mum says it was very good.

  16. That is very interesting. I don't blame the cat that moved away from the little bein and yappy dog- I am a bein and I would move too :)

  17. That does sound like an interesting show - although aren't you concerned that someone is telling beans all your pusscat secrets?

    Sydney, Australia

  18. There are spies everywhere!!! I wish we got Nat Geo Wild. The regular Nat Geo was just added to our cable line-up just as they move all the good animal shows to Wild!

  19. Isso é muito interessante, gostaria de assistir.
    Bom final de semana!

  20. That looked like a pretty interesting show. We'll have to check to see if we have that channel.

  21. Mum may look for that show. She saw a different one from the BBC a few years ago.

  22. Gee, that sounded like a pawsome show.
    Not too sure we would like being tracked though ;)
    WE have never been outside so we are not sure about a cat door.
    Need to think about that.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

    PeeEss: We did not know groundhogs could climb trees either :o

  23. If you get a door to go in and out at will, make sure its an electronic one, so it only lets you three through it...else who knows who might try to visit! MOL!

    Meowmy saw that show a long time ago on Animal Planet or Discovery she can't remember...too much other junk occupying that head of hers of late...sigh...


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