Friday, July 29, 2016

Freaky Friday

We gotta acknowledge a dedication to THOROUGH visiting like we never had before...  Ya know how when ya are behind visiting a friend, ya make sure to comment on the most recent post or even 2 posts?

Well we got comments on 14 posts yesserday from our friends at

Oh Bast, that sure made our day wunnerful an exciting! Thank you guys fer a wunnerful evening full of reading happiness. 

A then we were so excited we ran outside ta run around in joy!


  1. Yep, we luv dat Pipo and Minko. Bless their hearts, they get a little behind and they go back and read everythin' they missed. Glad you had fun ketchin' up with them.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  2. Pawsome! Time to pawty!! PS: we luff the traffic jam at the door. It made us MOL.

  3. So you got some nice weather to run outside!

  4. Pipo and Minko are very sweet :)

  5. That was a lot of catching up! They commented on several of my posts yesterday as well but not that many. Looks like you are all in a hurry to get outdoors.

  6. Now that's what you call a real commentathon! Have a fun weekend gang!!!

  7. What a fabulous way to celebrate. I think you might consider how to spread the message and get beins and pusscats all around the world to 'run around in joy'. Absolutely delightful.

    Sydney, Australia

    PS. That middle one in the queue ain't getting any slimmer, is she?

  8. Por aqui acontece o mesmo quando abro a porta,
    congestionamento de gatos. hihi
    Bom final de semana!

  9. Wow! That's like 2 weeks worth of visiting! Paws up to Pipo and Minko!

  10. We love Pipo and Minko! They are so sweet to comment on all the posts they read, even when they get behind.

  11. That's so sweet of them ! Paws up ! Purrs

  12. THAT is PAWESOME indeed!!!!!

  13. Ha-ha!! Here we are again...and still behind, but not as much, MOL! We just think it takes a few minutes to read ach blog, why not put a comment on them too. We do admit to leaving a few alone though...we do get kind of choosy sometimes in the interest of the petcretary's sanity!

    Sheesh we watcher her get doing things that take up a ton of time, then she has chores to do, in and outside the den, and get the noms and go to her work and well, you know...
    If she makes pictures for furry ones that sometimes eats up to 2 hours of her time too...and she still wants to copy allthe comments to the diary entries on Catster/Dogster. Smells like more time will be spent away from bloggerland again...sigh...well life goes on so then we make a quick perusal of all the blogs to see if there is anything urgent, like a fur who needs POTP, etc...and then we let her go to her bed...which is soon even tonight as it is already past 3 am. What a night owl she is:) That is what 2nd shift has done to her, she used to be in her nest at 9pm MOL!

    You all seem quite eager to get outside, was there something needing your inspection or was there an introoder or burds?

    Petcretary is awed at a post just for us, OMC!


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