Tuesday, July 26, 2016

We Hit 100+

AYLA:  Yeah kittehs, the thermometer passed over the 100F mark yesserday. At 10:30 am.  In the shade!
And the radio-signaled digital thermometer (also in the shade) agreed.  102...

So guess what TBT wouldnt let us do.  If ya guessed "go out" ya got that right!

Thank Cod it is 72 inside the house!!!  As strange as it may seem, the "heat pump" is a very efficient air conditioner.  We don't know why, and don't care.  Ya can get a long annoying explanation from TBT iifen ya want one).  But he says our total energy bill (we are all electric here) in Summer is about $150-200 green papers per month and he is happy with that.  Winter is not so good, it gets up to $400.  But we and he live in here 24/7, so he pays it, and WE sure arent complaining.  We asked once about why the "heat pump" costs more fer heat than coolth and he yammerred along about it til we all left the room, so don't say ya werent warned...

He is watering the sunnist part of the lawn for the first time in years (its planted just last year and is still fragile)!  3 hours now and the ground is hard as a rock...  We cant figure that out.  Water costs like only $40 a month and he CRINGES every time he uses it outside... 

Mebbe he hates that he cant keep it...  Who can unnesrstand Bein ways?   Purrsonally, he could pave the whole front yard an it would be fine by US.  WE never go there.

But TBT hisself is crazy.  HE werks outside in this HOTS.  He was werking a minor project to hold the fence gates together.  He made some turny thing to hold the gates together when he was on the wrong side of the latch (dont worry, it makes sense - details iffen ya ask) but it is so hot the construction glue wouldnt set...

It just stayed like frosting onna cake...  MOL!  Well, not that we get frosted cakes, but we have seen pictures.  He never saw that before and says he hopes he never will again! 

But thats not OUR problem.  WE are stayin inside and waiting ta see the Evil Skwerls bake and fall outta the trees.  We would run outside briefly fer THAT!  Or a baked birdie on the deck.  But out and in real fast, the deck is HOT HOT these days...

Stay frosty (cool and watered), friends!


  1. Well, welcome to my world pusscats three! We get quite a few days up around this temperature each summer. Staying inside with air conditioning is definitely the way to go. As for TBT running around tackling outdoor projects - some beins are just weird.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Whoa, that is hot! Yeah, that is definitely staying inside weather. Not sure why TBT didn't get the memo, MOL!

  3. My momma goes out in da hots all da time. She are nuts.

  4. Yikes! That IS hot!
    It does not get that hot here.
    For us, 80 is hot.
    You kitties are smart to stay inside and be cool.

    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  5. Ouch! We're topping 100 with the heat index here.

  6. We are wilting at several degrees below that - in both languages! 100F...... NO WA. That's insanely hot. Äiti is sat outside and we approach her a bit but it's not for us. Veikko is the bravest. Yes we like saunas but not like this.

    We hope the garden starts absorbing water and those skerwls fall out of the trees. Maybe they'll be little seeds and grow trees.....

  7. All of you, including TBT should stay inside until it cools off.

  8. We're glad TBT is keeping you inside during the hot hots! We think like you, who cares how it works as long as you all are comfy! MOL

  9. Hooray, you jouned the club!

  10. It's too, too HOT to do anything. Humans are strange, though. They go outside to work and come inside complaining.

  11. Wow, that's hotter than hell ! Stay cool,, buddies ! Purrs

  12. Detesto calor, lamento que vocês estão enfrentando temperaturas
    tão altas, mantenham-se dentro de casa!
    Esse conselho é para TBT também. hihi

  13. That is way too hot! Tell TBT to be careful he doesn't bake out there along with the evil skwerls.

  14. TBT needs to stay in WITH you guys! Maybe you could entice him with nip...

  15. Humans do some crazy things. They're not as smart as us cats. Stay cool!

  16. Mad dogs and beans go out in the sun. Stay cool gang.

  17. Oh your poor sweet darlings, and we include TBT too! Every day we thank Bast for our billowing clouds of fogs and every night we celebrate as the temperature drops into the 50s. We love summer in the city. Come over anytime--we are getting a good grip on the fleeze now. The tide is turning!!! Meanwhile, stay by that cold air thingie.

  18. You all four need to be inside. TBT can work in a few weeks maybe. Tell him he has it 2 degrees worser than we duz.

  19. That is definitely a good excuse to hibernate indoors.

    We had cooling shelters here for peeps that needed it.


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