Sunday, August 14, 2016

Hot Again

IZA:  Yeah, we have the SERIOUS HOTS again.

We wanted ta go out earlier.
TBT opened the door a bit so we could feel the HOTS!
But we still wanted ta go out.
I turned back ta tell him ta leave the door open so we could get back in fast, but he said he couldnt do THAT.
So we stayed out short times a few times today, but that was all.  We sure hope it cools down SOON!


  1. That is very hot! Staying indoors in the cool sounds much better.

  2. No, TBT wouldn't leave the door open for you, as then hot air would rush into the house. But I hope he understood that it was his job to stand by the door so that he could open it for each of you one by one as you independently decided that you wanted to go back inside. That's his job, after all.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. Yikes, we don't think it has ever reached 100 degrees here - thankfully. You all should stay inside especially if you have AC.

    Mindy & Mike

  4. It was hot here the last few days...and very humid. Today it's actually cooler...but still humid. We hope it cools off for you guys so you can get back outside.

  5. Yepper, that's just too darn hot so inside and keep your cool!

  6. That is some serious hots. Don't stay outside for long.

  7. You have us beat in the hots department. And it is pretty darn hot here!

  8. Yeah.... we kittehs like the hots but not THAT kind of hots. Don't go all melty on us, guys.

  9. Lamento que vocês precisam ficar dentro de casa,
    seria ótimo passear no pátio.


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