Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Its My Birfday!

MARLEY:  Welcome to my 6th Birfday Pawty!  We are all prepared, and I am SO excited.

We have our scratchers all out in one convenient place...
We have a couple ladders fer good climbing and for contests later...
There are boxes of various sizes fer kitties of various sizes (or in the case of the big one, more than one kitty)...
LOTS of nice old-fashioned bags...
 We have games and puzzles...
We have lots of toys all sorted by type so ya can easily find yer favrit kind...
And we have many wand toys that TBT will help with as the pawty goes along!

Please enjoy the cat trees...
And then there are foods and drinks!    Ham...
Grilled Beast...
And Drinks (most of which are Nip or Chickie-Broth, but there are a few surprize flavors ya might like too)...

And, finally, there is a Nip Cake that even looks like ME!
 Ayla and I dont dress up, but Iza is wearing her finest outfit.
You dont have ta dress up, but ya can iffen ya want!

TBT has promised ta keep the 4 litterboxes impeccably clean, there is the HUGE waterbed ta rest on (should hold at least a eleventy of tired kitties), and there are thick folded towels in lots of corners and shelfs for annykitty who wants ta just sit and watch fer a bit.



I thought about this a lot.  My Birfday Wish is that all Shelter Kitties (and other critters) find good homes, that Beins get along better, and that I get good things to eat the rest of my life.  OK, OK, everyone else too.  I do mostly think about what *I* want sometimes, but on my Birfday, I will be generous..

Good news evrykitty!  Megan has  'ported over and has volunteered to woman a BRUSHIE STATION!   Is that good or what?  And we have all kinds, from wire ones to flea combs to soft  brushies!  Just hop up on the dining room table and request yer favrit!

Ooh, I just got de-matted at Megan's Brushie Station, and I feel so GOOD!  TBT did it last week, but Megan does it better.  So now I'm standing at the top of the cat tree and making sure everykitty is happy and enjoying themselves.  ~ MARLEY
Did I mention that TBT cut down some stalks of NIP and left them available?  Careless of me not to...  They are sitting  piled in the bathtub.  And don't worry, it will stay dry...  Just one of the surprises we have prepared fer the pawty...  Feel free to jump in and roll around!

7:30 AM - Observant kitties may have noticed that Scylla got Ayla and Iza into the computer room to share thoughts.  And I am told no mancats are allowed until they come out..  Girlcats, *sigh*....

But meanwhile,  I am arranging the first game of the day.  All who want to can come stand at the bottom of the stairs for a stair-running contest.  First one to the top gets a nip-treat!  Its a 2-direction stairs, so be careful on the turn...  No claws allowed on other cats! 

 Oh wow, the stair run was crowded.  Socks, Chimera, Yin and Yang from Alasandras place got the front positions, and The Island cats wer crowded right behind.  But it turned out that Princess Leia of The Whiskeratti made a great turn halfway up and snuck through an tapped the top of the stairs first.  She wins 5 treats!  But everykitty gets one treat fer pawticipating and running so fast.  It was a real crowd at the top step!!!     There may have been one first, but it was so close that nokitty was last.  Well done ALL!

 9:00 AM - The Punapipurri have arrived en masse!  Guard your food everykitty, they are hungry!  But don't worry too much; TBT has brought out another ham and is tossing bits to them. an he weilds a knife like we do claws.  Still, ya might want ta protect what ya have unnerpaw...  An they are going after the bags and boxes.  What a group!

I think it is time to have TBT open the deck door.  It is one of the 2 shady times.  So lets all go out there while it is still cool.  See the flowers?  
 Dont eat them, of course.  Some are weerd-tasting.

Hey, my good mancat  Ducky just ported in, and we think the jumping contests might be over before they start.  That mancat can JUMP.  But ya never know, others can jump too.   Ayla might have something ta show about that.  She is suggesting a roof jump and she is the original "levitation girl'...  Uh Oh!

The ladder race will start in an hour...   The roof jump challenge later... 

 Well,  let's start with the "floor to top of cat tree to top of bookcase!  Anyone can try and each gets 3 practice jumps.  This could take a while; evrycat thinks they are jumpers...

*I* think it is time for a nap during the practices....  Iza will take over.

IZA:  1 PM:  Well, we all sure had a good time out on the deck in the shade (and some of the more outdoorsy kittehs a bit off the deck).  A good thing the entire back yard is enclosed with a fence so nokitty got confoosed...  Cause there are sure a few fence-climbers among us!

And some of those jumpers had a good long look at the distance from the deck rail ta the roof.  There were some "no ways" but also some tail-waggles as some gave it some butt-muscle-thought.

But the shade is gone fer a few hours so we are back inside.   TBT brought out a new ham an that went over pretty good.  So did the kibble-toss game.  Who doesn't love chasing something bouncy and skittery that also tastes good?

I see that Marley is up and around again, going among the guests and tapping paws and butting heads.  So its MY turn ta nap fer a while.  Ayla, too, I think.  Back ta YOU Birfday-Boy!!!

MARLEY:  3 PM...  Well, THAT sure was a good nap!  I was nearly covered by friends also napping and who doesnt like THAT?  Then I went around ta see who else had joined the pawty.  Pretinha and Friends, Pipo and Minko, Terri's Crew, the Swiss Cats, Gidget, and a few I haven't sniffed yet...  And a few 'ported in and left while I was napping...

I see some of the jumpers are practicing on the inside ladder.  Its almost the same distance as from the deck rail to the roof.  So far only Ayla has made it to the top in one leap, though some others have gotten REAL close.  We'll see what happens later when the shade comes back to the deck!

For now, its TOY TIME!  Chirpie Chicken and Quacky Duck have been getting a lot of attention.  And the sound of the 3 ping-pong balls being batted around in the new baftub is nearly  constant; theres a line waiting fer turns there!

The line at Megans Brushie Station is constant too.  I think a lot of my guests dont actually Need brushies, but she is very good at it, so everykitty wants a turn annyway.

Im headed for some live dead shrimps myself...   

5 PM - Well, the time fer the roof jump has arrived!  So far, 5 kitties (all of whom have requested their names not be mentioned fer reasons which will shortly be clear) have gotten up on the deck rail fer a final look at the jump.  All waggled their butts good trying ta get a feel fer the leap.  A couple  even stood up on their hind legs trying ta make the distance seem shorter.  None made a leap...

Then out came Ayla.  She made a waggle and hesitated, but I gave her an encouraging "chin up".  She jumped...  AND SHE IS UP!!!

The apaws from the other kitties on the deck is deafening.  She did request a ladder from TBT to get back down though.

8 PM - Well, its getting dark, an thats when the Owls come out (mostly), so we are all back inside again,  I smell SHRIMPS inside, so that's a good reason ta come in annyway!  I think it time fer TBT ta bring out the WAND TOYS!  Do I hear "meows of approval"?  (meow, meow, MEOW, meow, , meow, Meow, mew, miow,)

Alright!  First comes the fevvery one.  It loops, it floats, it dodges, but everykitty gets a good whap at it fer about 5 minnits!  And OH, here comes the Weerd White Squid...  Grab those yarny tentacles and bite them!  It jumps up suddenly and flutters down to try to escape along the floor.  Dont let it get unner the table.  It can sneak around the chair legs like ya wouldn't belief!!!  

And OMC, there are rattly mousie running all over the place at the same time.  Quick, grab those an drop them in the baftub so we can play with them later as they run around the ping-pong balls!

Whew, that was exhausting!  Lets go find some foods and drinks an just lay around a while...    I know *I* need a break an I see lots of panting kitties... 

Lets get at those shrimps!  And I think it is time fer Niptinis...

10 PM - It looks like time to cut the Marley Cake...  We kitties are all worn out and some Nip cake would get us all going again.  As none of us can handle a knife (and just shoving our faces into the cake would be unseemly), TBT will do the honors.  

Now I've seen Beins cut cake before but THEIR portions of supersugars (their Nip) are too large for us.  So TBT is cutting it into  little 1" cubes .  Which is a good thing because there are so many of us here.  And we want ta save some for later guests and fer us tomorrow!  MOL!

*passes around cubes of cake to all the guests*

Let the Nip put the Zip in yer Lip...

Midnight!  Well, this has sure been a great pawty thanks to all my friends!  It is about slowed down now.  We had great fun, played with  toys and wands, ate our fill of great foods and drank some neat drinks (that chickie broth and nip cream smoothie was The BEST)!  

There are still about a dozen friends layin around on the waterybed.  TBT says he will slide carefully in between them, because quite frankly, he is about as worn out as we are.  

Iffen you are missing a cat or two, they are here on the bed.  *I* don't plan ta disturb them.  They will find their way to the teleporting tunnel in the Living Room when they wake up and realize they are not at home.

Thank you all fer the best Birfday pawty I EVER had...  We and TBT will probly sleep eleventy-ten hours, but when we wake up we will thank everyone purrsonally... 


  1. Happy, Happy 6th Birthday, handsome Marley!!...We are so excited to be at your fun party!...We love boxes, bags and ladders and all those cool toys too, and the great food=TBT did an excellent job!...We are having an awesome time, thank you for inviting us!!...We hope all your birthday wishes come true, sweet friend...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat

  2. Happy birthday, Marley. You don't look a day over 5.

    This looks like it's set up to be a sensational party. You guys always have great parties. I mean, you've got so many toys! How many pusscats are you expecting that you think you will need so many? If you'd like me to set up the brushie station on TBT's dining table, just say the word. I know that you're not especially keen on brushies yourself, but many others are, and it can be a good restorative once a cat has been partying hard for a few hours.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. Happy birthday, Marley! You are right - this is your best party yet! Love the cake! And I adore your birthday wish - all that is so needed right now. Yes, the good things to eat part too!

  4. Happy 6th Birfday Marley!!! You are half as old as me and looking fantastic. Ah, Iza, Lambie--you still wear your fabulous Goth 'jewels'--I wonder if you wouldn't like to add a little frilly dress or collar one of these days?--you know, change up your style? Something to think about anyway. The Human is back at work and has to get up early, but we'll be back tomorrow night and hope the pawty will still be rockin. I want some brushies from Miss Megan. She's my favorite! XOXOXO

  5. We want to wish you the happiest of birthdays, Marley! 6? You don't look a day over 5!

    And let me tell you, you sure know how to throw a party, Marley! Toys and games, delicious goodies to nom and nibble, drinks galore, sleeping stations for those who party hard a need a reboot, and even clean bathrooms! Now, that's a precious commodity. Not to mention that there's a brushie station! Don't we all wish every party had a stylist on hand? If only. What a great party this is indeed!

    Thanks for being so generous on your big day, Marley! Be sure to grab plenty of goodies for yourself. You deserve it!

  6. Happy 5th Birthday Marley!
    What a party!
    This is gonna be SO fun!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  7. Happy 5th Birthday Marley - we hope you have a wonderful day.

  8. Happy birthday! Thanks for the invite - we were so excited to be ask. So much to do, we hardly know what to go for first.

  9. Happy Purrday Marley!!!!!! Your party is pawtastic, you have outdone yourselves. The cake looks just like you.

    Socks really needs brushing so he is going to let Megan choose a nice soft brush to deal with his loose fur.

    Chimera, Yin and Yang want to run around some before they dig in to all the delicious foods.

    Scylla wants to gossip with Ayla and Iza

    Fenris & Tuiren popped over to wish you a Happy Purrday but they know some cats are scared of them so they are going to fix a doggie bag and teleport back home. They will come collect us when it is time to go.

  10. A very Happy Birthday, Marley. What a great looking party. Lots and lots of great food. We can't wait to dig in. And just look at all those toys. You have a great day Marley and many more.

  11. Happy Birthday, Marley! What a pawsome party! You guys throw the best ones. We're heading over to have some ham.

  12. Happiest birthday EVER Marley. WHAT a PAWTY! I am so excited to be here! Thank you for inviting me. I just don;t know what to do first. I think I may have a snack of hams first though while I think. This is the best pawty I have ever seen. It rivals any I have been to. You look smashing and I see Spitty noticed! Heeeee. You two will be grooming one another while the rest of us revel.

  13. We're here!!!!! Happy birthday Marley dude. We tried to bring you all sorts of stuffs but Veikko got hungry and ate all the edibles, and Aila got snarky and snorted all the valerian. We hope Sampo, Jura, Jaava and Mesi don't wreck everything dashingaround, and in the meantime Mirsku, Ruska, Pekka and I will just chill out with you and discuss the wisdom of being mature mancats!
    Thanks for hosting such a welcoming party. You rock!

  14. Happy 6th Birthday to you Marley! What an awesome party you are hosting, there is everything a kitty could want, food, games , good company, toys.....and food, heh.

    Thanks for inviting us!

    Mindy and Mike

  15. I'm here and ready to party! Ladders? Who needs ladders, you just jump! All the games, foods and toys look great. Time to sample one of those fancy drinks. ::SLURP:: hmmm, not sure on what flavor this is, but is sure tastes good!

    Party on doods!

  16. PS. Happy Purrthday Marley. ::BLUSH:: I forgot to say that, I was so excited about all the party stuff.

  17. Happy Birthday Marley from all of us! you throw one heck of a party pal!!!!!

  18. Happy Birthday Marley! Wow - what a great party! Amazing! We hope you have a wonderful day!

  19. Feliz Aniversário Marley!!! (em coro)
    Oh que festa legal vamos nos divertir!
    Juca está brincando na sacola enquanto o Tom e Galileu disputam
    as caixas, e claro que a Flora está subindo no ponto mais alto da estante de livros. Mia e Violeta já encontraram Megan para uma boa escovada nos pelos.
    TBT prepare-se para jogar com a Chiquinha, ela adora pular e correr atras
    da vara, ela não cansa fácil. miauhihi
    Isso é muito divertido!

  20. Leo says: Oh boy, what an awesome party! Happy birthday dude!!! I'm headin' for the foods, I want to try every kind of beast! Glitter is already heading for the floor to top of cabinet contest! That girl loves to go high and she never even pauses til she gets to the top! She's a maniac! Cashmere says she wants to try the ladder run when that starts but she's heading for the foods with me to start! After that I'm gonna be looking for the nip, whoo! Thanks for invitin' us!

  21. Leo says: OO I just noticed that Katie Isabella is here! I'm gonna join her at the foodables and try to hog her.. I mean, engage her attention while Spitty is busy with Isa! Where's that box big enough for two at anyway??

  22. MeOW What a pawrty. Happy Meowday Marley!!! We's gonna have some of dat beef, it sure looks good. And me might stop off fur a good brushin'. Raena fur sure wants to play with da wand toys, and we'll purrobably both go fur some time on da cat trees. Fanks fur da invite. This is one humdinger of a pawrty. WooHoo

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  23. Happy Birthday, Marley! What a day you have going on there--everyone will be exhausted before it's all over. Jenna is headed for the live dead shrimps and Megan's brushie station ;-)

  24. Happy 6th Birthday Marley! You sure know how to pawty!
    Angel Normie, Angel Mika, Sasha & Grady Lewis

  25. Not jumping from or to the roof! But I am ready for a challenge!

  26. Happy Birthday number six, Marley!!

    We helped meowmy make you a card:


    Just copy/paste this URL, then you can post/save it anywhere you'd like.

    We jumped in your bags, climbed your ladders, ran through the tunnel. scratched your trees and climbed those too. dragged out some mousies and then we went to the buffet, Mmmm!! Thanks for a wonderfur time at your pawrty, and we are glad you invited us:)

  27. And you know it was so nice to let us lounge on your deck...we are not allowed outsie...sigh...

    PeeEss: Meowmy sent your TBT an email with the card too.


  28. Happy birthday, Marley, mommies sez fur me to nawt eat too may snackies at yor pawty

  29. Happy 6th Birthday, Marley ! What a pawty, wow ! It's terrific ! Purrs

  30. Happy Birthday Marley! Sorry we are late, we got here at 11 and our computer decided to stop working, we have a new one now. Great party!!! Yummy food. Hope you had a great day. XO

  31. Happy birthday Marley! you are having a great party.

  32. Happy birthday, Marley! Your party was such fun - so many fun things to do and EAT!!! Happy birthday again!!!

  33. Gotta hand it to Ayla with that jump to the roof. I don't think I could have made it. Paws up to Ayla!

  34. Happy 6th birthday, Marley! What a great party...thanks so much for inviting us! Hope you're having the most purrfect day ever :)

  35. Happy birfday, Handsome Orange Boy !

  36. Happy, happy birthday, Marley! We (Caroline and me, Elliott) say 6 is a great year! (The two little boys are still too young to weigh in on that.) Very fun party indeed!

  37. I'm back, I'm back!!! Surely the Pawty can't be OVER! I mean, it's not even 10 p.m. where I am---oh what do I care, I just have to tiptoe around the passed-out Punapippuri gang and find my darling Iza-Lambie for some cuddling. I brought a special blue pillow--don't tell CK on me though! Oh daaaaaaarling . . . (oh, and yeah, Happy #6, Big Guy!)

  38. Oh Spitty-Dearest Love. I stayed awake waiting for you to arrive! I love the special blue pillow you brought just for US! It suits both of us SO nicely. We will sit on it together so cuddly and lick each others ears as loveys do...

    I saved you some shrimps and some chickie... We will eat it together in TBTs closet where no one looks here...

  39. Shrimpies and Chick-hens are my favorites . . .well, next to a certain Goth-loving Ladycat, that is . . . . .

  40. Wow, I was so thrilled to win the stairs! Yeaaa me!! and this was the bestest pawrty we ever did go to. - Princess Leia

  41. Happy, happy birthday, Marley! You certainly know how to throw a pawty! Have you effur considered going into business as a pawty organiser? You could make a fortune (mol)

  42. A belated happy birthday, Marley. We're sorry we missed the party. Looks like it was a big success and lots of fun.

  43. Marley we are so sorry we missed the party our Mom was gone all day and half the night and we didn't like not having our meals ontime to say the very least. WE are so glad you had such a good party and we wish you a belated and happy birthday with many more to come!

  44. What a party! We could hear you all way over here, and boy, did it ever sound ROCKING! Hope you have a good bunch of naps after all that, and that you saved some of your birthday treats for later! Happy Birthday, Marley!

  45. About 48 or 53 hours later: UGH, we missed your birthday MARLEY!
    Excuse No. 1: with the red line single tracking out of Rockville, we are still stuck on Metro. No?
    Excuse No. 2: huge traffic jam on I-95 heading toward Waldorf! No?
    Excuse No. 3: too danged hot to leave the house? No?
    Excuse No. 4: the hu-mom furgot to come by? YES!
    She's a dumb one. How could she? Duh! We (Maggy, Zoey and Dougie Dog) did NOT furget ... it was HER and since she has the thumbs that type fur us, it was hopeless. We came but were voiceless, speechless, you know ... silent! Sigh. So sorry.
    But here we are, some 48 or 53 or 87.5 hours later wanting to with you a HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARLEY! No excuses!

  46. We are all back safely in Finland(N) and have to say that it was the BEST PARTY EVER!
    We've nearly recovered from our nip hangovers, and you amazingly produced enough foods for even the Felociraptors. Happy Day Dude - you rock. And say thanks to TBT for all the effort - it was awesome.

  47. SERIOUSLIES dooods, do you know how to pawty or WHAT? An' we MISSED it ALL!

    Wishing you a pawesomely amazing #6 Marley!!!

  48. Marley - happy Belated Birfday. Yoo look tremendous. Do you moisturise?
    Belated scritches,



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