Thursday, September 15, 2016

Garden Tour Thursday

Well, Ayla and I are going in to prepare the snacks, and to let Iza out ta do the tour!  We DO cooperate about this stuff...
Um, we DO need TBT ta open the door though.
IZA:  Well, finally!  Its been a few weeks hasn't it?   The big pot near the watererer hose is doing good.  The Marigolds are falling all over the sides, so they seem happy.  TBT waters them every couple days.  Quite frankly, when HE waters, WE all run inside.  Its safely dry there...
But afterwards, *I* come out.  Look at the  nice Yellow Zinnia pot...
 The hanging Yellow Zinnia Pot...
The Neat Threesome.  Caladiums with  Yellow Marigolds and the 2 littler pots with Orange Zinnias...
The multicolor pot in Pinwheel Zinnias.  There are 5 colors in there and only 4 plants!  I think, mebbe, possibly.
 This one isnt doing so well.  Nice Orange marigolds, but not many of them.
The tomato surprise pot has been a real surprize.  Nice orange Zinnias an a Red Salvia in the middle, but no tomatoes...  First time THAT hasnt werked I can remember...
And down below, ya can see part of the flower circle .  They were the leftovers an so got planted late.  They ARE getting their flowers blooming, but iffen they had got planted earlier, they would be WAY bigger. 
Well, as I tell TBT, he can't plant everything at once.  I'm bein kind.  He SHOULD plant everything at once.  He just didnt know they were going there this year.  And they wont next year cuz the lilies are gonna take over.

I've kept ya all up on the deck fer a reason.  IM HUNGRY and this is where the food comes.

Oh Bast, Ayla and Marley are bringin it out now.  We have bacon.  Soft on the left, crunchy on the right.  We have pork shoulder.  We have SHRIMPS O M C, and Niptinis and Meowgaritas...
OH Bast, Marley even brought a skink...

Not a typical meal inside.  Lets get at it...


  1. Great garden tour and such beautiful flowers. I see signs of fall there too.

  2. Lovely garden - you know your shouldn't eat the skinks - they eat the bugs that eat your flowers. Nature's pest control! why do you want to eat something that eats bugs??

  3. It was good of Marley to russle up a skink - but I'm concerned that there's not going to be enough to share between three of ya!

    Sydney, Australia

  4. Nice tour and a nice bonus snack Marley!

  5. I love the pinwheel zinnias, great colors. Did you say bacon?

  6. Your zinnias are so much nicer than ours...which kind of died off...all of them...sigh...
    A skink?? OMC! At least that is better than a skunk, MOL!
    Th petcretary just picked a whole pint of tomatoes; the mini ones; off our humongous single plant ...its taken over the patio. One day we got three pints all at once!
    Thanks for the tour:)

  7. I Love Zinnias ! I got the Hot Pink one.
    and same as The Meezer, Yours look so much nicer than mine !
    Any tips for my mom =^x^=

    Mom just plants Marigold too ( from seed ). Hope it's not going to die..tee...heh

    And Marley, Dude you are a great hunter !

    Happy Friday

  8. Such pretty blooms! And how awesome of Marley to bring a skink! Maybe next time I should bring one of the mice that keep getting in the house.

  9. The zinnias are very pretty. I like the mixed colours pot. Most of my mum's flowers are late this year. She blames the cold wet spring. They are doing well now so she hopes we don't get any early frost. The tomatoes didn't start ripening until August and now they are all coming at the same time so she has made soup from them and given lots away.
    I have never seen a skink. Do you think Marley will let me have a taste?

  10. We're always amazed at how lovely your garden is. So much work, we think. And now for the best part - FOOD !!

  11. Wonderful garden tour ! Zinnias are such pretty flowers ! Purrs


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