Saturday, September 10, 2016

Saturday Caturday

MARLEY:  RTS!  When ya have it, ya know it.  An the Beins do to.  There is no hiding it.  Restless Tail Syndrome just wont be denied!
Yer on the Beins lap, all comfy...
Then the tail starts movin.  All on its own...
A slight movement at first...
Back and forth gently...
 Just a little twitch.
And then it starts...
 The tense...
Then the whip builds up.  Ya can't help it...
Ya WANT ta control it.
 But the tail-brain takes over...
 And WHAM, there it goes...
Curling all around...  I mean, it even hits ME in the face!
And ya LOOK at it saying "*I* didnt ask ya ta do that"!

Cuz the tail has a brain part of its own down there.   Its the same thing that causes "elevator butt" I guess.  Probly "Wiggle-Butt" too where ya are ready ta pounce a mousie and yer tail alerts it that ya are there, ya KNOW?

Well, mebbe it a good thing ta have 2 brains...  I mean, sometimes my head one isnt all that smart. 


  1. Now that's the kind of exercise I could do! ~Bear Cat
    ps - Super handsome tail!

  2. Mom said I should do that to protect her legs from mosquitos !

  3. Ummm, are you saying you've got a brain in your butt, Marley? My tail only does that when I want to bath it, then I have to hold it down with two paws.

  4. Marley, I havta tell got my mommy laffing!

  5. That tail surely has a mind of it's own!

  6. Now that's some restless tail Marley!

  7. That darn tail, disturbing lap and nap time. Well, you best show it who's boss, Marley!

  8. MY tail brain is definitely not as smart as me! It's gotten me found when I wanted some private time more than once.

  9. PREACH it Marley! Seriouslies, it's a THING!!

  10. Jenna has elevator butt and restless tail syndrome, too. I watch her tail and ears to figure out her mood!

  11. Oh, that is truly terrible. Tail brain. Just no telling what it's going to do next. Most inconvenient.

  12. Some of us have that too, but we try not to move our tails or Brody will attack them :)

  13. Marley I never have to worry about that being tail less and all. Tee hee

  14. Sometimes, life is hard Marley!

    Sydney, Australia

  15. That tale of your tail made all of us giggle!

    Pipo has a worse problem...not only restless tail syndrome, but try and catch that restless tail syndrome. It always strikes him in the sun puddle napping mode..starts with a twitch like yours, and then it becomes a whip that needs to be tamed with his paws and even his teeth, MOL!! Poor Pipo; maybe he needs some therapy...sometimes this even hits him while watching something from floor level, then he gets all bent out of shape and rolls on the floor like a round cat-ball:)

  16. Some dinosaurs had two brains just like that too - one to control the tail and the back end. Maybe cats are descended from dinosaurs !


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