Monday, October 31, 2016

New Foods!

We got a delivery from Chewy.  We are allus so happy to see the box. It means we won't starve.

We were suspicious at first.  We allus go growl when anyone enters our driveway.  But we LOVE these guys.
Goodbye good delivery person...
We got some of the usual.  Wellness Chicken, Turkey, and Tuna.  But this time they sent us the REAL Salmon.  In small cans, cause they don't offer the real stuff in the big cans.  We bet TBT was surprised at THAT! 

We were really happy, cuz the big cans of salmon we WERE getting are a bit odd.  Sort of like Shredded Wheat cereal to TBT.  Iza ate it, but she will eat ANYTHING.  She ate butterred BROCOLLI once.

He opened 2 cans of the GOOD salmon and gave it to us right away.  We ate it and practically fell over in happitude.  We mean, iffen TBT had dropped fresh Nip leaves next to the bowls, we would have chosen the salmon.

Well, "maybe".  He didn't so we aren't sure.  We are getting Turkey next and then Tuna.  Dang, it can't get better than THAT!  All the cans look the same to us, but he SAID so!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Easy Like Sunday

We had a nice long EASY morning unner the blankies, sleeping with TBT.  Thats right, ALL of us unner the blankies AT the same time IN the same spot.  TBT did have ta raise the blankie though ta take the picture.
That upset Ayla and she left quickly.  She is kinna twitchy unner the blankies and never stays there fer long...
But it was nice while it lasted.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Freaky Friday

And this time the "freaky" is the camera!  Its actin weerd.  We just recently passed 10,000 pictures with it and us is giving us blank areas.  TBT can get around it some.  He can take a diagonal picture like this...
and "straighten" and crop it to this
which looks good but it is more effort.  And some pictures are just useless.

Plus the camera doesn't allow forcing the flashie (which is sort of fine with us), but the "autoflash" is getting worse and guessing when to flash.  And even WE admit that when a good picture is ruined its not a good thing.  And some of the menu controls (like the Macro feature) haven't worked lately. 

TBT tried a new memory card, cleaned the lens, the flashie and even the light detector, but that had no effect.  So it looks like he is gonna have to get a new one. 

He has bad luck with cameras.  He left one out in the rain, Iza pushed another off the wall onto the staircase, and now this.

Suggestions are welcome.  TBT doesnt need anything fancy.  In fact this Canon SX600HS was way more than he wanted.  The features (and therefore the menus) were way more than he expected.  AS IF he was ever going to fuss with f-stops, lighting levels, time of day, and location-identification.  The manual pop-upflash is an annoyance.  Megapixels aren't worth much either, since he has to reduce the pictures down to around 300kB anyway for the blog.  Even on the rarest occasion when he wants a larger picture, 3mB is fine. 

Normal, Macro, and Portrait are sufficient, through wide-angle might be nice.  Controlling the flash on/auto/off is a must.   No need for video, an old Flip does that just fine (and he can't figure out how to post videos annyway).

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tummy Tuesday

MARLEY:  Still more from Friday.  TBT went camera nuts Friday and we won't waste them. 

Tummy, Tummy, Tummy...
And more, with Iza added...

Monday, October 24, 2016

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  I am reminded by TBT that this is still the month of ''Tocktober" .
Enjoy...  I don't do the "floating leg up" often...

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday Stretch From Friday

MARLEY:  It seems to be my week!  After Iza and ME sett;ed down Fridays, I went into "Crazy Stretchy Mode".  Its both a GREETING to TBT and a TALENT! 
It isn't an invitation for a belly rub.  I don't like that much.  What it IS is a grab paws  and move them around, and a desire ta have my undershoulders scritched.  Which may sound odd, but I like it. 
TBT gives a slow gentle joint massage like you won't believe...  And after a day running around outside, that is very very good...

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Caturday Saturday

MARLEY:  OK, so after reading the comments from yesserday, I decided I DID need to be a bit pushy with Iza for space on the otto-man.  She wasn't sure what ta do and neither was I.
So we stood there.
I laid down first and she went for the available space.  *I* was surprised.
She finally found a position next to me where she could sit.
She purred, I purred.  TBT didnt purr, but then he doesnt know how so what doesn't mean a whole lot.  He shows pleasure in other ways.

But we could tell he was happy anyway.

And there are more pictures about this space-sharing TOMORROW!  They ARE all Friday pictures...

Ayla is napping in the bedroom on her accustomed 6 folds of thick towel on the top of the shoe rack...

Friday, October 21, 2016

Freaky Friday

MARLEY:  I still think it is a bit weerd laying up here next to the TV, but it IS warm.   Just not very cushiony.  And TBT says he is not gonna add more towels.
Im gonna have to get a bit more pushy about getting space on the otto-man!  I mean, just LOOK how content Iza is there...

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Girlcat Tuesday

AYLA:  It is a lovely day today, 80F and sunny!  I am especially liking the warmed dark grill cover.  I even have a choice of sunny or shady spots.
Plus its a great spot ta watch Iza walking below me on the deck not knowing Im up here...  MOL!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Mancat Monday Flashback

MARLEY:  We got caught without anny pictures.  So its a Flashback Day!

Happy Mancat Monday (with a side order of Tummy thrown in)!  C'mon closer so I can give ya a Good Morning Hug.

Is it really time ta get up already.  Im so comfy here right now.
I better think about this...
S-T-R-E-T-C-H . . .
OK, time ta get up (Im hungry).
A little grooming first...

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Uncomfy Sunday Stroll

IZA:  Im not usually the one to be up on the deck rails.  I mean, I have to find several steps up.    Jumping right up to small narrow places is NOT my talent.

But I do when TBT is near.  I SO want to be near him.  You can all laff, but it matters to ME.   So I was up there today .

He was right next to me, so I wasn't TOO worried.  And he held me, so I wasn't too afraid of the height.  But he DID let go of me while I was there.  I was brave.  I looked around fer any intooders or vishus deer. 

I even stood while he backed off to take a picture!   But then he dint come BACK! 
I sniffed the board to make sure it wouldnt just fall over and take me with it.   But I was still worried about it all.  I mean I actually feel OFF the deck top once just trying to walk on it.  Fortunately, ON to the deck not to the ground side.  I dont know HOW Ayla does it so gracefully.   She NAPS on the high rails!!!
When TBT opened the door, I ran inside for safety.  Oh Spittikins, PLEASE come over and comfort me.   The ground below the deck was like a 1000 feet down!  And I almost FELL OVER.  I need some snuggling and TBT is "busy".

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Caturday Saturday

MARLEY:  We had an eciting breakfast today.  The kibble hunt game is usually in the evening, but TBT brought it out early.
I am the best reacher-in...
Iza is good, but she is not as fast or good-grabby.
 Fast-action pic...
 And in I go again.  This is even more fun than the Egg!  That only spills out kibbles when you beat it hard enough.  This puzzle box lets you get at kibbles faster.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Stinky Friday

AYLA:  We had an introoder!  And it made sure we would know it was there.
 It sprayed our pots.
 It sprayed the smoker cover.
It sprayed there BIG TIME!  We are VERY ANNOYED!
TBT says that he needs ta water the deck pots today, so he will make sure to rinse off the places we showed him very thoroughly...

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Garden Tour Thursday

AYLA:  Welcome to our Garden Tour!  I am leading the tour today...

The Pinwheel Zinnias are looking good.
The other pots are still doing pretty well.  It is nice to see the whole group.  And notice we have 2 new pots!
TBT brought these orange Mums from Walmart a couple of weeks ago when there were only closed buds on them and they have exploded with flowers!  Here is one of them...
The 3 center pots sure have a lot of color in them.
The hanging baskets are still getting along, Zinnias...
and Marigolds, but the Marigolds are a bit thin.

The Marigolds sure love THIS pot a lot!
And sadly, we had an ACCIDENT yesserday.  This plastic 5 gallon pot is many years old, and was never designed fer hanging.  The rim finally broke where one of the hanger wires were and it fell way to the ground KERBLAM!
We will try ta repot some of the flowers, but the roots dry so fast exposed ta air and it IS late in the season.  So we dont know if they will recover anny.

Well lets see what Iza and Marley have arranged fer snacks.  Ooh today it is all treats.  Differnt flavors and textures.  Hmm, we seem to have crunchie chicken, chewy tuna, crunchy turkey, and soft salmon.  Plus meowgaritas and niptinis...  Im having a few of each, but choose whatever ya like best!

Thank you fer coming on this weeks garden tour!