Thursday, November 17, 2016

Garden Tour Thursday


This end of season isn't great.   I have some pretty things to show.

The Burning bushes justify their existence at this time of year. 
And surrounded by orange leaves it really stands out.
 The orange leaves are good themselves.  Marly especially likes them, matching his furs.
We do have a lot of ornge here.
Really stands out among the green lawn and green house...
 There are 3 burning bushes here.  But this one does best.
 The hostas are fading. 


  1. Such pretty colors. But where are the snacks ???

  2. The colours are beautiful. After a week of hard frosts, most of our flowers have gone brown although a few are hanging on.

  3. Beautiful colors. I love the burning bush. We have a much smaller one that already lost the leaves for the year.

  4. WOW! Everything sure is pretty and colorful!!!

  5. Those colour leaves keep your spirits up !
    Very nice to have them at the front. Feel like " welcome home " =^x^=

    Have a great weekend , guys

  6. Very nice, our trees are done shedding their leaves. Just a few shrubs left with leaves, they should be done this weekend. Going to get furry cold overnight for a few nights.

  7. The green house fits in very nicely.

  8. Wow! You still have lots of pretty colors there, and the burning bush is lovely! We think Marley is wise to have a liking for the orange trees!


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