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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Thursday Thankfuls

We havent done this for a while, but it seems the right time to do it again...

We thank TBT for giving us this great place to live.  We each came here in odd ways and for odd reasons.

I (Ayla) came here because I was too small to be a Breeding Queen and was unwanted by the breeder.

I (Iza) came here because my Meezer colors were all smudgy and I was unwanted by the same breeder.  And then we learned I was a Tonkinese and that was natural fer me.

I (Marley) came here because I was in a shelter, was given to a nice lady who turned out to be allergic to cats, and was found by another Being who led TBT to me and who bought me so I could be happier.

We all found our forever homes here.

We all beat the odds...

And we are forever thankful for our luck...

And TBT better be thankful to have US too!

MARK:  I am...


  1. My human says she is thankful every day for us, so I'm not surprised TBT is thankful for you guys too.

  2. Good thing to be thankful for. We are thankful for our loving home, too.

  3. Of course he is!

    Sydney, Australia

  4. We are all so lucky to have been adopted by our current pawparents. It's especially nice too that we all turned out to be bloggers and were able to meet each other through our blogs.

  5. You guys sure have a great home...and TBT is so lucky to have you!

  6. We are very glad everyone was brought together. Family isn't always about the blood.

  7. Oh, we are thankful that you found the best home ever, and that we can visit you often!

  8. Meus amores, fico contente por TBT ter encontrado vocês.

  9. We are thankful y'all ended up with a purrfect home!

  10. We are furry thankful too that you am hazing a loving home and warmth and foods and loves!! That's what we am thankful for too!

    =Bootsie Woo and Katie Too
    Today on the Bloggie.

  11. Of course TBT is thankful to have you. I am glad you all ended up together in your loving home.

  12. I am glad you all ended up with TBT, you all have a loving forever home.

  13. There is no doubt in this entire world that he is deeply grateful for you three as much as you three are for him. And you feel that in your hearts.

  14. That's a pawsome post!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  15. You kitties are so sweet! There is a ton of love exuding from this post:)


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