Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tummy Tuesday

IZA:  I love laying on my back next to where TBT prepares his foods.
 That way, if something falls (or gets deliberately dropped), I see it coming the whole way.
The anticipation is half the thrill.  And with my lightening reflexes, stuff seems to fall in slow motion!


  1. you remind us of an otter in the first picture, Iza! cute :) we hope a lot of noms drop for you :)

    pip, smidgen, minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto

  2. Yep, we just know you move very fast. And you look so deceptively cute while on the lookout.

  3. Adorable and ready to catch!

  4. Look at the size of that stomach - good grief! (LOL)

    Sydney, Australia

  5. I would love to snorgle that tummy.

  6. That's a good spot to wait for titbits! I used to lie like that almost all the time, but now I am so thin with a prominent spine I can't stay on my back and roll to my side. I do still try though.

  7. Dog-guy is the ruler of the kitchen floor snagging dropped items dept around here...his jaws are like a trap so the petcretary says. So we mostly try to jump on the dining room table to see what we can snag/beg...MOL! Dog-guy is not allowed up there and we are not either, but being felines we ignore stuff and make our own rules..if we can...Tee-hee!

    We love your tummy, Iza, it needs a good rub or snorgle!


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