Saturday, January 02, 2016

Caturday Saturday MOL

William commented on our Thursday post about gettin into the empty kibble bags:  "OMC, you guys definitely win the last laugh of the year award!"

We got more of a LAST LAUGH than THAT!  What no one seemed ta notice was our end-of-year fooley...  There were 2 DIFFERNT KIBBLE BAGS!  Go ahead, check HERE.   We'll wait...

See?  The 1st 10 pics were a small bag with a pink bottom.  The last 11 were of a much larger bag with a brown bottom.   Even Ayla couldnt fit into that small one.


Yeah, they were all taken the same time.  TBT had saved the small one in our pantry and then emptied the large bag into big jars fer convenience, so he gave us that one right after the small one!


We are hopin this will be a FUN year!