Sunday, January 03, 2016

Easy Like Sunday

IZA:  I got up on Aylas high shoe rack!  OK, OK, TBT lifted me up there...  Just so I could look around.
 This is where Aylas food bowl usally is, but it isnt there right now.  Too bad.
But there are a lot of fallen food bits that have dried!  I cleaned them right up.
I even licked the towel a bit...
When I decided ta get down, the waterbed seemed an AWFUL long way below.  I know Ayla an Marley just hop right down onto it, but still..........
TBT was standing right there in the room, but he didnt offer ta help me down.  So I decided ta curl up on a towel an think about it.   Then Marley jumped up.  Boy was he surprised ta see ME there!   I told him *I* was using the shoe rack so he hadda get down.  I really didnt actally care iffen he was up there while I was, I just wanted ta watch how he hopped down.
So he just hopped down all casual-like.  Watchin didnt do me a bit of good.  It STILL looks way too far down to jump.
Fortunately, TBT lifted me down and we all had some crunchies!  Well, not TBT...