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Monday, January 04, 2016

Mancat Monday Flashback

MARLEY:  Since we dont have anny good pictures of ME tta use today, I decided ta check an see what I was doing on the first Mancat Monday of LAST year.  An its pretty much what Ive been doing the past few days. 

I like ta curl up in the big pot TBT brings inside each Winter.  It fits me PURRFECTLY.  So when TBT wants ta empty it out ta get the bulbs stored an the pot cleaned, I try my hardest ta make him leave it alone.

So here is the first monday last year...
I was braced into the pot as best I could be.  And thats basically what I do evry time I think TBT is gonna empty it now!  HE thinks iffen he doesnt take a picture of me doing it NOW, I'll stop.  HA!