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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Tuesday Surprise

IZA:    Well, OK, this happened a few nights ago, but I was really surprized.  Ya see, Ayla watches the TV up close a lot.  She loves watching golf and nature shows.  She says the stuff moves.  I've never seen annything innerestin about the TV before. 

Oh I sit in front of it so I get TBTs attention when he isnt making a lap (or allowing me on it while he is eating his dinner), but that isnt the same.  I'm watching HIM!

But just the other night, I suddenly noticed something innerestin about the TV.  Some round thing keeps movin up an down slowly in a fascinating way.  And stops sometimes!

I want to catch it!

TBT esplained that it was "basket ball" an the beings there were actually moving the round thing around very fast.  I was surprised.  It dint seem fast to ME.  So I watched more.
 They are acting like it is a mousie, but they share it a lot.  I sure wouldnt do THAT!  And I gotta admit, seein all those small Beins makes me want to catch one of them.

At least I FINALLY unnerstand why Ayla likes ta watch the TV.  I might have to watch the TV more often!