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Friday, January 08, 2016

Friday Hunting

MARLEY:  Iza found that the door to the little place where our foods and treats are kept was slightly open.  So of course, she opened it further and started ta sniff around.  I told her we arent sposed ta get in there and "BTW, TBT is standing right here"...
She ignored me and said she could smell treats in there - "real pouch treats".
So I stayed close.  Ayla came over too.  Iza couldnt figure out ezactly where they were though cuz the smell was evrywhere in the pantry.
TBT let her look.  And sniff.
Cuz he knew she couldnt get at them.
They were up on the top shelf.  Even Ayla cant manage THAT climb!  But he took out a few of the pouch treats and gave us each 2. 

So I guess we gotta thank Iza fer that...