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Monday, January 11, 2016

Matcat Monday

Oh WOW!  We got a prezzie package from Mom Ellen at Pilch15 And Meowing.  CAT-MATS!
 This one is of Vishus Deer...
Obviously Polka-Dots.  Does this mean we need ta learn "The Polka Dance"?
And a Dr Who!
We are all debating Who gets What, and Which.  Who's on First base we think, and What gets second.  I Don't Know is third (or is that the outfielder...)?  Confused?  Watch HERE.

But however it works out, they are all great.  BTW, they each have a little velcro strip for adding fresh NIP inside them.  Is that Niptastic or WHAT (oh wait, he's on 2nd base)...

Thank you Mom Ellen and cats...