Wednesday, January 13, 2016

In Memorium

We remember this day when LC very suddenly decided to cross the Bridge.

It was the end of when it was just "Just The Girlcats".  Not that it was deliberate or that we dint want to have a boycat around, it just worked out that way briefly.

LC was a cat's cat.  She went straight fer Skeeter when she arrived and gave all her attention to him.  TBT accepted that and was happy for them both.

LC was only 1 year younger than Skeeter, but she always stayed his "Little Sister" even til their old age.
She was a playful cat...
A cute skinny kitten...
"LC" stood for "Little Cow".  Her patches of B and W seemed "cowish.

As a kitten, she was an explorer.  As an adult, she was a great huntress.  Skeeter brought more mice to the deck door, but I think LC caught at least as many and kept them to herself.  She probably showed them to Skeeter more than she did to me.

She was never a lap cat, preferring Skeeter's company to mine.  Which was OK, as I was away from the house about 12 hours a day in their time (while I woke, showered, dressed, commuted, worked, and returned home).

Indeed, I only had the pleasure of their routine daily company after 2006 (when I retired) when Skeeter was 14 and LC 13.  They loved that time.  I was there to let them outside every day instead of just weekends and holidays.

LC thrived outside.  She prowled around the pond seeking frogs, the brush seeking mice, and (amazingly, garter snakes).    If it moved on the ground, she caught it.

When Skeeter left us, she grieved.  I let her sniff Skeeter's dead body so she would know he hadn't just disappeared.  She was OK with Ayla, and after Skeeter was gone, she began to seek my lap.  That was good.  I gave her all the attention she desired.

LC did well with Ayla and Iza.  But I could tell she was missing Skeeter, her life-long friend and protector.

One morning, she didn't come into the kitchen for breakfast and I started looking around for her and calling.  I finally found her in the basement, pushed into some random junk.  I have no idea what happened to her.  She was comotose.

I brought her to the vet immediately.  They called a few hours later to say she had died.  They didn't have any idea exactly why.  Stroke maybe.  But it was sudden.  I didn't pursue the cause.  But it meant I didn't have her in my arms as she left my world (as I did Skeeter).

The vet said she was pretty much "out of it" her final hours; not conscious.

I miss you dear girlcat...