Thursday, January 14, 2016

Garden Tour Thursday and Friday

IZA:  Well, I have the first garden stuff ta show ya fer the year. 

First is a complete surprise.   Last Fall, just before some old azaleas were torn out as part of the ridge removal project, TBT took 3 dozen cuttings and rooted them in a flat.  Well, not only did almost evry single one root, several are blooming!  Little-bitty 2" azaleas are blooming! 

TBT figures that anny little 2" plant that sends out 3 flowers at once has GOT to be a champion bloomer!  There are also some white ones and some purple ones but they werent as impressive.
Second, TBT is finished planting bulbs in the circle nearest the deck.  All the little white spots are styrofoam plates to mark the names and places where there are tulip and hyacinth bulbs planted in home-made wire cages (9 bulbs per cage).  The  cages are to protect the bulbs from Evil Skwerls and Voracious Voles.

The top right 1/4 has 125 daffodil bulbs (2 kinds) that TBT planted today.  They are toxic to varmints, so they dont need cages.  He was able to just drill 12" deep holes with a 3" wide "auger", dump some compost in the holes, shove in a bulb, and push dirt back over (about 10 holes at a time).  That sure went faster than the cages...
 The area in the center will get butterfly bushes, and the outer edge will get some annual flowers.  Come Spring, he will spread wildflower seeds all over so there is color and butterflies all Summer.

Thanks fer comin along on the tour.  We will start with snacks and stuff outdoors when the weather warms in Spring...