Saturday, January 23, 2016

Caturday Saturday Snowstorm

AYLA:  Wow are WE getting a lot of snow.  TBT did a few things ta prepare yesserday.  Some stuff werked, some didnt.  Fer ezample, he brought the snowblower around to the garage and that werked.  He tied a regular birdfeeder on a pole to the deck rails and filled it an that werked.  He tied a yardstick ta the edge of the deck but that DIDNT werk cuz the snow all blows off the edge.  He put a big stepladder on the deck so he could refill the birdfeeder, and THAT dindnt werk either...

BECAUSE there is a HUGE snowdrift up against our deck door at one end where it is 33" high so far and it looks ta be 48" at the other end where the ladder is buried!  So the birdies better go easy on the seed cuz that feeder wont get refilled fer a couple days.

An cuz of that snowdrift, we cant even see out the deck door standing up!  all we can see is sky and THAT is all just snow an clouds.  Marley an I can get up on one windowsill and look out at the birdies at the thistle feeders hangin from a tree.  But after a while, watchin the snow get blown sideways past us  and then stopping suddenly and fallin straight down makes us dizzy.  TBT picked up Iza so SHE could see outside fer a couple minutes and her eyes got REAL wide!

TBT went out ta use the snowblower at lunchtime (when it was briefly lighter snow) and cleared the driveway.  He says it was 14" deep then.

But since then, it has got all heavy again with winds that would just blow US right over, an there is 3 more inches on the driveway already.  And it is sposed ta continue until after dark.  TBT says we will end up with about 20" of snow.

We dont know WHEN we will get outside again!  TBT usually shovels a path out ta the far edge of the deck fer us, but he says he isnt gonna tackle that 48" snowdrift annytime soon.

Pictures on tomorrow's post!