Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snowy-Blowy Sunday

OK!  We got some pictures of the snowy storm.  And there will be others tomorrow cuz it hasn't actally stopped snowin here YET!  TBT says it went over us yesserday FROM the ocean, then came back over us TO the ocean.  Like a broom goin back and forth.  That's EVIL!

But we wanna show some pictures we liked of the snow yessterday...  It looked like this at Noon Friday.  We had a flurry, but it wasn't from the Big Storm.
But after lunch, it started the Big Storm.  It only took til dark Friday to get "head-high".  When TBT told us it was just BEGINNING, we got worried.
Saturday Caturday Morning, it looked like THIS!  We were shocked.  It was really windy, so we guess the snow settles in calm spots.  Like next ta the house.  But wow, it was higher than the deck chair already.
The birdies were doing the best they could.  Thankfully, TBT had gone out after they all went to bed and filled the 2 goldfinch feeders so they would have seeds ta eat so they wouldnt be cold in the morning. 

We DO like the birdies ta be fat and healthy!!!
 Last night got kinna scary.  We mean, LOOK at this wall of snow tryin ta get in the house!  It could freeze us all.  An just so ya know, there is a yardstick buried in there!  The blowy-snow covered it...
We can only see out of windows now.    Not that THAT made us feel a lot safer!  The snow is sneakin around the roof an trying ta get at us from there while we aren't lookin...