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Monday, January 25, 2016

Birdie-Feeders In The Snowy

MARLEY:  The birdies are LOVING TBT putting seeds out fer them.  And we LOVE having LOTS of them get through the Winter.  This one doesnt show the birdies cuz the instant TBT opens the door even slightly ta get a picture, they all fly away.  It's too close... So just trust us that they are there and happily gorging on seeds while the ground is all covered with snow.
This is the thistle seed feeder fer the finches (gold and purple).  No birdies there right then.
But they arrived soon.  We can only watch them from one windowsill.  But it is a GREAT watching!
Here are some closeups from the flashy-camera.  TBT discovered they dint notice our one window being raised up slightly and slowly.
They are all goldfinches.  They arent colorful much, but the bands on the backs identify them.  Plus, they are eating thistle seeds and not many birds do.
Those are FILLED PERCHES, arent they?
They sure LOVE those thistle seeds.  TBT found a place to buy 50 lbs fer $65, so we have a whole Winter's supply.
No, this picture isnt crooked.  The wind is blowing THAT hard.  How birdies fly in strong winds is beyond us.  Actally, how birdies fly AT ALL is beyond us.
More birdies...
And more...
Some hop on the ground.  That really drives us crazy.  We want to get them.  But not in 2' of snow...
Oh yeah, please survive the Winter birdies and plump up all good.  We will meet a few of you in Spring...  MOL!