Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Walk-About Time

MARLEY:  Yay!  TBT cleared more open space in our "snow box".  It gets to the place where I can at least see over the edge.  I looked ta the left..
 I looked ta the right...
An it was still all just snow as far as I could see!   But I decided I had been trapped "IN" long enough.  Time ta get up and around.  I hopped up and (Thank Bast) didnt sink down.
I stood there fer a minnit checkin out the surface...
And proceeded ta carefully walk out ta the edge of the deck!  
Ya may notice I am walking slightly strange.
I was shakin every paw as I walked, ta get the stoopid snow off!
When suddenly, I realized TBT was there laffin at me as I did that!   WELL!  I'd like ta see HIM walk around in this stuff bare-pawed...
But it DID get me out ta the edge of the deck where there was no snow.  So I walked around a bit.
BTW, in case ya all are wonderin where Ayla is, she has decided not ta chill her princessy toes.  She is loungin on the waterbed and waitin fer the path ta be completed and the deck surface dry.  Well, OK, Mancats have ta be a bit tougher than princesses.