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Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Path Completed...

IZA:  TBT finished shovelin a path fer us to the deck edge.  Which is a good thing.  I tried ta go up on the snow like Marley did yesserday, but (oh the shame) I SANK!  Right down ta my tummy!  Fortunately, TBT didnt have the camera in paw at the time.  Its easier ta admit ta such a thing when there is no picture of it.  I low-tailed it back inside...

But the path is clear now an Marley went right out ta the end.  I was still a bit spooked by the snow.
But he looked OK out there.
 So I joined him.  It WAS nice ta be out in the fresh air again.  And there were birdies ta watch on the snow below!
 We wandered around the clear areas fer a while. 
But there is still nowhere ta actally go with all this deep snow around, so we both came back inside fer treats.

Thanks fer puttin up with all these snow pictures.  Today's pictures are actally 2 days old.  But we had so MANY pictures an dint want to waste anny (this being a pretty unusual event).

And yer tolerance will be rewarded.  We have a real GEM of a post fer tomorrow (which also actually happened 2 days ago), and then we will be back ta real-time (or close to it).