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Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Worrisome Wensday

IZA:  Im not feelin good today...
In fact, Ive been losing my meals fer 2 days and lost 1.5 pounds since last week!  So Im goin ta the VET this afternoon (2 EST).

TBT thinks I might have a toof infecshun that is makin my tummy sick, or I have a blockage in my tummy.  He says when LC suddenly started losin her meals years ago, she finally horked up a little pom-pom toy.

So he says the VET will look in my mouth and then look inside my tummy.  I sure hope he finds somethin ta fix!  Im really tired from all the tummy troubles...

UPDATE:   Well, I just got home.  The vet couldnt find the problem.  He looked in my mouth an said my teef and gums were normal (apparently TBT just wasnt used ta seeing my gums up close).  The vet also took a picture right through me and said it looked like I had pockets of air in my tummy, but that there was food in my intestines, so he didnt think I had a blockage in my tummy.  So he gave me a anty-biotic shot in case I have a sickie, and he gave me a shot that should settle my tummy down today.

If that doesnt help, I hafta go back Friday fer some more tests.  Mainly ta fill my tummy with thick berry-um that makes fer a better picture.  I dont know WHAT happens after that.

HOWEVER, I CANT HAVE ANNY FOOD OR WATER TIL TOMORROW!  I cant believe it, no food all day, and I hardly kept anny down yesserday either.  I'll STARVE!!!  An I can only have a spoonful evry few hours tomorrow.