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Saturday, February 06, 2016

The Caturday Saturday ESS

IZA:  Well, plural, to be precise!  ESSs I spose...

There were comments about the ESS, so I thought I would addrESS them (MOL!).  Ya see, I'm hard on the ESSs.  I claw them unmercifully, rip up the tops and get below fer more rippin.  I LOVE those things.

TBT once snipped all the loose parts from the first one.  But I complained about that.  I LIKE the loose parts.
I like ta admire my werk!
The shreddeds are like badges.
Ya can tell what parts I LOVE ta attack...
It takes werk ta attack the unner parts...
An of course, the top part deserves attention.
TBT used ta think he would just replace the ripped carpet parts.   But te old carpet part is hard ta remove. 
So I expect a new one in the near future!

Update on the horking problem:  I'm doing great!  TBT has been giving me only minced chickie and minced turkey and I havent had a single problem since then.  We suspect my tummy doesnt like fishy food (but I like the taste).  So I get the chickie and turkey while Marley an Ayla use the remaining fishy stuff.

It doesnt bother THEM!