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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Tuesday Tell-All

AYLA:  So there we were Sunday night all around TBT, and he said it was time fer bed.  Which was fine with us.  But when he got up, he went into the basement and cleaned all the litter pans.  Which was fine with us.  Then he brought 2 of them upstairs an put one in the computer room an one in our purrsonal catroom.  Which was odd, but fine with us (more convenient during the night).  Then he opened some canned food.  Which was fine with us (and the usual routine).

He put down Izas bowl in the kitchen (normal).  But he took Marleys bowl (and a bowl of water) to our purrsonal room and mine (and water) to the computer room.  Marley followed his bowl and TBT CLOSED THE DOOR!  I dint follow MY bowl, but TBT picked me up an put me in the computer room AND CLOSED THE DOOR!

So I figured, OK, he is makin sure Iza only gets her minced food (a new rool) and not Marley or my cubed food.  And thats all I am sure of because he dint let Marley or me OUT after we ate.  He left us in there ALL NIGHT!  I could hear Marley scratchin at his door after a while, but TBT dint open it.

He peeked in once in the middle of the night, but wouldnt let us out.

He peeked in the morning a couple times but still wouldnt let us out.  I figured mebbe we had done something wrong OR he was doin something to Iza an dint want us ta see.  But in that case why dint he let Marley an I be in the same room.  I mean, WE get along good...

Then there was a stranger bein in an around the house all morning, so we really dint wanna be out annyway.  We heard Iza goin around the house normally.  We got fed several times, just that we werent allowed out.  Not even after the stranger left.  By that time, Marley was scratchin his door a LOT and even complaining pretty loudly!  I simply hid in the closet.   Well, OK, I DID mew at the door a few times.

Finally, in the afternoon, we ALL got a surprise.  TBT stuffed us each in a PTU and hauled us off to the VET.

OK, as much as we all hate THAT, it IS familiar and it got us out of the rooms.  We suffered the usual indignities...

When we get home from the VET, TBT usually opens our PTUs in the basement and lets us out there.   But not this time.  THIS TIME, he took Marley an me back to the rooms and closed us in again (with more food) and peeked in at us several more times all evening.  FINALLY, at 10 pm, he let us out and were WE even glad.  Marley immediately prowled all around the house and I ran back and forth in the hallway and up and down the cat trees.

I am still confoosed about it all.  Except for the time at the VET, TBT kept us all locked up in the rooms fer 24 HOURS!  Then he cleaned our litter pans again and took them back down to the basement.

That night, we slept closer to TBT than usual ta make up fer whatever we did ta make TBT upset with us enough ta lock us away.

Other than my operations, that was the worst most stressful day Ive ever had here.

TBT gave us lots of good attention all night, so like I said, Im all confoosed...

TBT here:  I needed poop samples for their annual exams.  Inthe past, I have usually puttered in the basement the day before and tried to catch each of the Mews pooping to get the samples.  Or I have just taken 3 random poops and hoped for the best (assuming that anything the VET found in one would mean they all needed to get treatment for.

This time, I decided to make sure I had identified each one's sample.  So I closed Marley and Ayla in separate rooms figuring that Iza (being more attached to sleeping with me) would be most stressed by isolation.

Marley and Ayla just refused to poop!  I peeked into the rooms often to look for disturbed litter, but when it was, it was always just peepods.  Iza, naturally, offerred up a poop sample before I even got to bed Sunday night!

The stranger visiting was a heat pump repairman.

By exam time, neither Marley nor Ayla had pooped, so when we got home, they had to go back into isolation.  I fed them as much as they would eat the entire time, but they refused to co-operate until 10 pm when they both "gave it up" at almost the same time.  I was sure glad to bag the samples and release them!

It is amazing how well Ayla can hide when she wants to.  Marley was easy to find.  When he wasn't trying to rush the partially opened door he was sulking in an open corner of the room.  Ayla, on the other hand, squirmed into a tiny spot in a closet.  Even KNOWING she was in the room, I couldnt find her until she turned her head just enough for her eyes to reflect dimly.  Wow!

The poop tests were all negative (as they have been every single year).  At least THAT is all over with for another year!

But wait until Marley and Ayla discover they have to go back in 2 weeks for dental cleaning...