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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Answers To Comments

TBT here:  We got many questions about the "Twisted" box.  So here are some answers from Ayla...

Megan commented:  "Good application of the scientific method, Ayla. Your conclusion that Iza is the freak and the box has nothing to do with it is very credible"

Ayla:  Thank you Megan.  I AM the smartest feline in the house.  I do think very catlogically.

15 and Meowing commented:  "I guess you figured out that mystery. I hope Iza doesn't see this post. 

Ayla:  We have an agreement here that we all tell each other what we post.  So, of course, I DON'T tell IZA annything I post.  But she actually thinks I WILL, so she doesnt go looking at old posts.  MOL!

Flynn commented:  "Iza may not be too happy about you calling her freaky"

Ayla:  See above...  ;)

Brian commented:  "Hey Marley, you got a Twisted Sister"

Ayla:  Yes, but it isnt the boxs fault, she came that way.  And TBT says that the "Twisted" actally refers to "old twisted Zinfandel grapevines" that make a slightly different kind of wine than new vines.  Partcularly, "cheap but decent".  I sniffed the stuff once and almost bomited, but then HE doesnt like raw mice like US...