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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tuesday Tell-All About Monday

AYLA:  WELL!  (Deep breath) 

Me an Marley are kinna annoyed about yesserday cuz just before dawn, TBT got up an peeked in the Mews Room to make sure Marley was nappin in there, and he was, so then TBT picked ME up and put me in there too an then closed the door fer an hour an then pushed 2 of the PTUs in there and put us in them!!!

(Deep breath)

Then he brought us to the VET (where else would WE go in PTUs?) an he left us there, then the VET came an said he was gonna clean our teef so we wouldnt lose them, which sounded good but then he stabbed us and we woke up in the PTUs feelin all weerd an our mouths tasted funny, and we hadda sit in the PTUs fer like FOREVER until TBT came back an brought us home!!!

(Deep breath)

Then we got to eat almost all afternoon an we even drank a lot of water, an sat on TBT, and slept with him all night, and NOKITTY went in the Mews Room annytime last night "just-in-case" he had more plans fer THIS morning, but he dint and now we feel all back ta normal, but we dint take anny pictures cuz who wants ta be seen in a PTU annyway!!!