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Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Day


Well, in honor of Leap Day, We thought we would post pictures of us leaping off or onto things.  But, there was a slight problem.  We couldn't find anny...

We KNOW we have some, but TBT wasnt really good at labelling them as such.  And being that TBT is on his 4th digital camera an each one has gotten to numbers of pictures reaching #8,000, thats too many to search.  We gave up on THAT idea!

So *I* suggested we see what we had done LAST time there was a Leap Day.  After all, the best solution to having no really new idea (for us annyway) is to grab something from the past and churn it...

So with that in mind, here is what we posted last time!

AYLA:  Today isnt actally a real day. so we arent REALLY postin.  That means we can say ANNYTHING we like, like that Iza is a real 768304* when she first wakes up or that Marley 486120455s late at night when TBT isnt lookin... MOL!

IZA:  Hey! What???  You cant say THAT!

AYLA:  Yes I can.  Cuz today doesn't really exist.  Try it out yerself...

IZA:  Ya mean I can tell evrycat you , you 81033215 at night an not get inta trubble?

AYLA:  Yep, see what happanned?  Numbers, all numbers.

IZA:  Well Ill be 607382!  Look at that!  Hey Marley!...

(Wakes from 70918342 stooppid (oops 670103)) nap... What you 5013  talkin about now?  OH!  Hey lookit THAT!

IZA:  Well that's what we were tryin ta tell ya, 81992315!  Nothing really exists today!

MARLEY67477312, COOL!  So when YOU call TBT a 5061952  4522912, when he is asleep an cant hear you, nothing bad happens?

AYLA:  You got it!  But ya know what the BAD part it?  Do ya really wanna know?

IZA and MARLEY :  "Yes, yes, what???

AYLA:  Wont happen again fer 4 YEARS!

IZA and MARLEY:  Ah mousie-droppings!  How do YOU know that?

AYLA:  Cuz IM smart and you're both 7582221!

*(No numbers were harmed in the making of this post!)