Saturday, March 12, 2016

Caturday Saturday

IZA:  Oh JOY, TBT lifted me up to the top of the shoe rack where I cant jump.  It kinna embarrassing that Ayla an Marley can jump up there an *I* cant, but its my (very healthy) plump physique. 

It was thrilling.  I got ta look all around at things I never normally see close-up.  I looked one way...
A 3rd way...
And a 4th!
What?  You never been in a place you normally arent and get ecited?
But purrsonal duties demand attention wherever ya are.
A lick here and there (partly ta calm my ecitment).
And then I had ta be helped down.  Kinna shameful, but that bed, as soft as it is, looks a LONG way down.  I was happy ta crawl onto TBTs shoulder.

An I had the most shocking realization - He LIVES at this height!!!  How does he stand it?