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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Garden Tour Thursday

The crocuses did well this year!  Well, where they survive.  The voles get more each year.  But they sure havent found THIS spot, have they?  Can there be more in one place?
This is what is left of a 80' row...  We appreciate that they are still uneaten.
Over here we have one of the few hyancinths from 5 years ago.  The voles eat THEM too.  And most of the other survivors only manage 3-4 flowers.  
The backyard saucer magnolia does better each year.  Some years the buds get killed by late freezes, but that hasnt been a problem THIS year. 
The earliest tulips are blooming.  There used to be more, but THOSE VOLES, again...  Still, what shows up, we appreciate!
The NIP is growing into a full-fledged bed.  It used ta be just a couple individual plants but it is now spreading.  I think it found its "forever place".   TBT says that no matter where ya put a plant, there is someplace it would rather be.  Sort of like us and the sides of doors we are on...  Only plants cant move much.

Go ahead an roll on it; I do.  Its tough stuff!  And we have lots of individual plants around the yard.  They just "Spring Up", MOL!
THe saucer magnolia tree is one of our favrits.  The flowers dont last fer long, but they is sure special while they do.  
Now, come along ta the front.  We have the front box showin up good.  This is the 1st wave of daffodils.  There is a 2nd wave comin along fer later.  See those small leaves just comin up?  They will grow and bloom in a few weeks and have WHITE flowers and they even have nice smells!
Since we are in the front yard (and guarded by TBT against wild woofies and vishus deer) we can enjoy the front yard saucer magnolia.  Most years it blooms a week later than the backyard one (because of shade), but this year they both bloomed together.  Hmmm, I wunner if they will get together an make more trees...
And out at the street (don't worry, no cars coming along our dead-end street), we can see how the backyard saucer magnolia looks from in front.  Pretty impressive I think!  Neighbors walk by and slow down passing our house at this time of year...
Now, lets go back around to the deck and stretch out on the warmed surface.  Its 70F but the deck is warmer than that with the sun through the bare trees. 

Ayla has started us out good with bits of ham, roasted chickie, and some shredded cow.  Marley an TBT were inside coming up with a start-of-tour-year surprise drink.  I wonder what it is...

OMG, Nip leafs in baked ham juice smoothies!  And cream fer kittens.  Or for those who just prefer that...

Thanks fer coming on my Garden Tour this week!