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Monday, March 28, 2016

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  Some of you were amazed that I could fit in such a small place as "The Hidey Hole".  Well, first, it IS a a bit higher inside than the opening suggests.  So once through the opening, it is more comfy.

But still, ya gotta get IN there ta begin with.  An I'm pretty good at that.  I lay on my side an PUSH!

But I dont wanna suggest it is easy.  Ayla is a small girlcat (7.5 pounds ta my 12), an here is a picture of HER pulling herself out of the Hidey-Hole...
An ya can see it is no big opening even fer HER!  And she had the lazer eyes going!

When I was a kitten, I could do it easily, too.   This was 5 years go.
Took some pawwork as I got older...
But I finally did it again.  TBT says it is like wearing his High School clothes these days (no, he cant).  And I can still do it.  I'M FLEXIBLE!