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Friday, April 15, 2016

Garden Tour Thursday On Friday


 Since I dint get ta do the Garden Tour yesserday (tax time fer TBT), Im doing it TODAY instead.  The place is too pretty ta skip...

So please come along an join me.  The weather is GORJUS!

Half of the tulips are blooming like mad.  The snow last week didnt harm them.   These yellow&Red ones are bootiful.
The purple ones are really nice too!
 Some are just getting ready ta bloom...
The early daffodils are looking good.
The late ones are just coming up.
These beauties are called "Flair", and they deserve the name.
These are Purple Prince.  And it doesn't get much purplier than those!
These are older ones  that the voles have never found (cuz they are near the house where the moles dont seem ta like ta tunnel).  They are older than *I* am.  And ya may notice that there is NIP growing around them.  Mebbe THAT helps too.  Help yerselfs ta some of the NIP, BTW, we have plenty.
 Here is a longer view of the new tulip bed.  Its good ta get the Big Picture sometimes.
 There will be Summer flowers planted between the tulips soon.  That will be good fer future tours!

Now lets get up on the deck fer snacks.  We have a surprise this week.  EVIL SKWERL bits!  No, WE didnt catch it (TBT did an we arent asking questions).  And to accompany it, we also have Meowgaritas, Niptinis, and plain cream.  (Creamed skwerl, LOL).

But fer those more traditional, Marley has brought out some fancy chick-hen bits TBT was saving.  "Something fer evrykitty", he says.

Thank you all fer coming along on my Garden Tour!