Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sisfurly Saturday

AYLA:  Well, sometimes I DO spend quiet time on TBTs lap with Iza!  Its just not as often or fer as long as Marley does or when it is Me and Marley.
But this one was REALLY rare!  ALL 3 OF US at once...  It dint last very long.  Marley had got there 1st and Iza was trying ta settle in.  Then I hopped up an was half on TBT an half on the arm of the chair.  We need a wider chair.  An Ive seen some really wide things (TBT says "couches"), but we dont have one of those.  
Marley gave up first...  So it was just Sisfurs fer a while.  Until he tried ta shift his legs.  
Then *I* hopped off!  I cant stand movement when Im tryin ta settle down...

CORRECTION:  TBT just pointed out ta me that thats not Marley, thats just a bad shadow on Izas backside!  Marley was on the lap briefly with us, but thats not him!  "Bad shadow, Bad"!  ~ Ayla