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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thursday Flashback

IZA:  Since it is was too wet today fer a Garden Tour, I am showing some pictures of what it was like last year at this time.  Particularly, a couple pretty flowers we somehow dint get pictures of this year.

This is the last of some tulips planted way in the back of the yard years ago.  Its got a bit overgrown there now, so we arent sure iffen it is still growing.  I think TBT should plant more of these in the new spots so we can see them easier!
This is called Brunella.  The flowers are pretty, but they are very small and only last a few days.  Brunella is planted mostly fer the leafs.
Last year, the goldfinch feeders were hanging next to the deck.  They were out of paw-reach, of course, but sometimes the goldfinchies sat up on the rails.  We caught 2 of them, so THIS year they are hangin from a tree where the birdies are safe.
It sure was exiting watching them so close though...