Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tummy Tuesday

MARLEY:  Yeah, I know Iza usally does the tummy day, but sometimes I feel like showin off too.
My leg stretch and curled paw pose is one of my best.
And the relaxed pose is good too.
Here, I pretend ta be showing my tummy while asleep.  Thats tricky, I cant help peekin through one eye ta see if TBT is takin the picture.   Well, Im not a pro at this like some kittehs are.
I did better at the "asleep" look this time.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Easy Like Sunday

MARLEY:  We went outside today, thinking it was gonna be nice until dinnertime, but we got a surprise rain, so we  hadda come in.  TBT doesnt usally watch TV in mid-day, but there was a home-town baseball game on, so he did.

We were right up on him (well, Ayla was in the bedroom cuz she got lots of laptime last night).  Iza and I both decided TBTs leg made a good pillow. 
It was surprisingly comfortable.
But heads slowly slip off high places...
So we ended up heads-on-paws as usual.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Caturday Saturday

AYLA:  It was nice ta be able ta go outside again right after first breakfast,  but it was kinna hot today.  So I hopped off the deck rails ta find a cooler spot.
 This spot is definitely shady, but its kinna exposed.
There is this semi-shady spot, but its right in the main traffic pattern.
Ah, a nice out-of-the-way shady spot where I can watch everything...  Purrfect!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Flashback Friday

As we were sittin around on our cat trees today, we thought about what we were doing 5 years ago today.

And guess what?  It was the arrival of our 2nd cat tree!  Is that good timing or what?

SO... we present the assembly of it again fer fun.

Out of the boxes...
We checked the stuff out thoroughly.  Well, it WAS impawtant ta us....
The parts seemed sturdy.  
The 1st platforms stood up to us jumping on them.
Then it started ta take shape.

Seeing the 1st hut attached was eciting.
Iza jumped right in ta check it out.
I checked it out too.
I could jump in.  Yay!!

A TBT handprint...  but he smoothed that out later.  We wanted it puurfect fer us.

 Then higher post were attached.

Another platform.  This is looking very promising!

Another hut!  Cool!

More posts?  How high was this thing gonna get?  Well. the higher the better.

There was a final platform at the top.  Higher than the other one.  

 It ended up really good.  Iza took right over on the older one.
 And *I* jumped right up on the new one.
Ah, such good memories of that first day...  Ayla stayed away from the assembly...  She likes US ta try things out first.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Done With Lockup

AYLA:  We just got out of lockup again.  TBT says that was the last one (fer this project annyway).  Thats good, we were sure getting tired of being cooped up in the bedroom!  But that suggests there are other projects coming up...

I went straight up onto the deck rails and did my look-around.
Everything looks OK.
Hey, who is THAT Stranger?  Oh, just the Neighbor.  As long as he stays on his side of the fence, thats good.
So I walked the rail and found a good place ta sit.  This looks comfy, but I'll save it fer later!
Its a bit hot out today, so Marley found a nice shady spot.  Cant beat warm air and a cool deck!
Iza went straight down ta the Nip Patch.  She allus worries that Strangers will steal our Nip.  TBT has told her that Beins dont get annything from Nip, but she finds that hard ta beleeve!
She is welcome ta guard it as long as she wants though.  While she is down THERE, she isnt bothering ME!
Ah, it is SO nice ta have that lockup all done...  I may go nibble on some Nip later myself!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tuesday Lockup

AYLA: Well, todays lockup wasnt as long as Friday and Monday!  And the Strangers werent as noisey as before either, thank Bast...  But the lockup wasnt without some adventure. 

Marley made a break fer it when TBT opened the door to bring us some food at mid-morning.  TBT managed ta grab him by a back leg and pull him back into the room.  Marley did draw some blood on the way back in...

So he and I spent the time unner the dresser together.  Its "snug" unner there fer *ME*, so Marley had to be pretty annoyed ta squeeze himself in there too.  In fact, when TBT came and left the door open later, I couldnt get out until Marley did, and he hesitated a while.  I finally kicked him a few times until he squeezed himself out!  Iza just sits on top of the bed, so she could leave as soon as she wanted.

But we all went out and checked the house thoroughly, peeking around corners and listening carefully for the Strangers.  Then we went outside.

It was glorious.  SUNNY!!!  DRY!!!    I went straight up to my lookout spot and looked all around.  Right...
And Left.
Marley an Iza went straight down the deck stairs to the yard.  
They looked around carefully, too.  
And we all decided the Strangers were gone.
Unfortunately, TBT says the Strangers are coming back tomorrow AND Thursday.  The Thursday visit was a surprise to TBT too.  He says HE is feeling a bit locked up himself.  We were surprised by that, but he says he cant really do normal things himself while there are Strangers wandering around the house (and he worries about how WE are feeling).

At least the Thursday lockup will be short (he is told "about 30 minutes").  Then they will be gone. 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday Lockup

MARLEY:  Well, sure enough, we got locked in the bedroom again today from 7:30 - 3:30 when the Noisey Strangers came back.  TBT was trickier this time.  This morning, he simply got up and closed the bedroom door while we were all in the sleepin around him!

And he says it is gonna happen again tomorrow AND Wensday!  We have discussed what we might do about it.  Iza suggested that, as soon as TBT gets out of bed, we all run fer the basement.  He cant find us there.

But Ayla said that meant we would all be in the place the Strangers kept stomping through, and the bedroom really IS safer with the door closed. 

And I pointed out that the bedroom really IS more comfortable.  I mean, we sleep there fer a REASON.  And TBT DID bring us food regularly while we were in there and came and sat with us at times.

So we will probly agree ta stay in there, but real unhappily!

But he OWES us BIG TIME when this is all over!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

My Camo

IZA:   I love it when TBT wears the tan twill pants.  Its MY camoflauge!   I gotta do something about my tail though.  Other than that, I fit right in.  I mean I am RIGHT there and you probably can't see me very well.
Even my ears fit right onto his socks.  He wears those socks just fer ME you know.
 And close up?  I just look like a bag of fur.
AYLA:  Yeah ya got THAT right!

IZA:  Hey!  That isnt what I meant...

AYLA:  Ya said it, ya meant it"...

IZA:  This post is NOT going how I planned...