Wednesday, May 04, 2016




OK, we're among those who unnerstand about us cats catchin stuff?  Good.


No other cat here has ever caught a real live Evil Skwerl!  Not Tinkerbelle, not Skeeter or LC, not Ayla or Iza...

But I DID!  TBT could tell, cuz I was the only one outside at the time.  Ayla and Iza were inside and TBT had looked outside fer me.  I dint come when called.  Then a few minutes later, I was there at the deck door and there was a dedded Evil Skwerl on the mat.  What, ya expected that after an accomplishment like THAT I was gonna leave it out in the yard?

I came sauntering right in, (proud as a Peacat?) the better to get TBT ta go look an let Ayla an Iza go sniff!

We have those large Grey Skwerls, an they are really mean and fast.   This one was too, but I was in the right place at the right time. The pounce was PURRFECT!  I judged where it would jump and I was THERE teeth on neck!
Ayla really loved sniffin it.  When she was younger (before I was around), she came REAL CLOSE ta catching one a couple times.  She chased them right around trees and (TBT says) she got ABOVE one and got a paw on it but it jumped clean off the tree.
Ayla is hoping this is the one that threw a tree twig on her the other day, but there is no knowing.
Iza tried ta claim it as her own (naturally), but TBT and *I* knew better.
Still, imagination is good and we allowed her to think it was hers.  At least she got to play with it and do some prey management practice.
It would be unmancatly ta be too insufferably proud (though I am inside), so I will just let the event speak fer itself.

But, still, inside me I am screaming "I GOT ONE"!!!

I got MY purrsonal reward with LOTS of special attention (and treats) and nappin on TBTs lap, and with a smile on my face...
Oh, BTW, "May The Fourth Be With You"!  MOL!