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Saturday, May 07, 2016

Caturday Saturday

ALYA:  TBT and I had a long discussion last night.  I'm innersested in what he watches, but I dont see golf on the TV annymore since Grampa left.

He said he only watched it cuz Grampa loved it.  Well so did *I*!.

I LIKED watchin that little ball float in the air and get knocked around.  So we hashed it out.
 He said "sure, go ahead and change the channel to The Golf Network"...
Hurray.  Wait, I cant DO that.  Oh BAST!
He said "That's why I'm in charge here.  Fingers.

Oh man, hes gonna PAY fer THAT!

Oh wait, he changed the TV to the Golf Channel.  But hes still mean...  Ooh, he plays with me sometimes like *I* do with a mousie...

But golf balls... Purrs...