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Thursday, May 12, 2016

More Evil Skwerl

IZA:  Marley has been walking around all proud of finally catchin a Evil Skwerl.  He walks by and quietly says (I caught one and you didn't). an that started ta get me REALLY annoyed.

So guess what *I* did?  I caught one myself.  After I saw one go toward the birdie feeder, I sat by the Tulip Poplar tree it lives in and waited, and waited and waited.  

And FINALLY, it returned to the tree, where I was waiting...  POUNCE! 
 As usual, this is a warning of dedded prey...
OK, I hope that is far enough down.  


I didn't realize it was mostly just patience and positioning.  We are all around it on the deck but *I* caught it and TBT and they all know cuz this time *I* was the only one outside at the time.
I let the others sniff.  Marley was a bit annoyed.
Ayla thanked me fer the sniffs...  She is annoying sometimes, but she is ALWAYS polite.  
We had a GRAND time sniffing...
Ayla got a bit ecited and went looking fer one of her own.  It doesn't werk that way, though.  When ya get ONE, ya gotta wait fer a while fer another ta come along.  
But ya can only admire a catch fer SO long before TBT comes and removes it.  He says they have fleas.  And we don't eat them anyway.  It is just "pest removal" fer us.  Grampa called them "nasty tree rats" and we sort of agree.
They eat our tulip flowers, fer example...  Dig up crocus bulbs.  We don't love them.  But they are eciting to us.  I played with mine fer an HOUR!
Oh Lovely Evil Skwerl, I love having caught you SO much!  I will remember you forever...