Friday, May 20, 2016

Freaky Friday

AYLA:  We were all hiding most of the day!  TBT got up early and fed us, and then called us into the bedroom.  Marley and Iza went in, but I got suspicious and ran into the basement.  So TBT closed the bedroom door and tried ta get me ta come ta him.

Good Luck with THAT!  I ran back upstairs, I circled ahead of him through the living room and kitchen, then back downstairs.  After he wandered through the basement, I went back upstairs.

And vanished.  He couldnt find me annywhere, but he figured I must be in either the Mews Room or the Computer room, so he just closed both doors. 

Then some strangers came and started making HORRIBLE banging and cutting noises.    It lasted for 6 HOURS! 

TBT peeked in the closed rooms a few times ta bring food.  Marley was behind the dresser and Iza was just sitting on the bed.  She is stupidly brave sometimes.  He never did find me.

After the strangers left, I just showed up in the Living Room while Iza and Marley came out of the bedroom.

And apparently, we gotta go through this again on Monday when the strangers return for more werk...