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Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday Lockup

MARLEY:  Well, sure enough, we got locked in the bedroom again today from 7:30 - 3:30 when the Noisey Strangers came back.  TBT was trickier this time.  This morning, he simply got up and closed the bedroom door while we were all in the sleepin around him!

And he says it is gonna happen again tomorrow AND Wensday!  We have discussed what we might do about it.  Iza suggested that, as soon as TBT gets out of bed, we all run fer the basement.  He cant find us there.

But Ayla said that meant we would all be in the place the Strangers kept stomping through, and the bedroom really IS safer with the door closed. 

And I pointed out that the bedroom really IS more comfortable.  I mean, we sleep there fer a REASON.  And TBT DID bring us food regularly while we were in there and came and sat with us at times.

So we will probly agree ta stay in there, but real unhappily!

But he OWES us BIG TIME when this is all over!