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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tuesday Lockup

AYLA: Well, todays lockup wasnt as long as Friday and Monday!  And the Strangers werent as noisey as before either, thank Bast...  But the lockup wasnt without some adventure. 

Marley made a break fer it when TBT opened the door to bring us some food at mid-morning.  TBT managed ta grab him by a back leg and pull him back into the room.  Marley did draw some blood on the way back in...

So he and I spent the time unner the dresser together.  Its "snug" unner there fer *ME*, so Marley had to be pretty annoyed ta squeeze himself in there too.  In fact, when TBT came and left the door open later, I couldnt get out until Marley did, and he hesitated a while.  I finally kicked him a few times until he squeezed himself out!  Iza just sits on top of the bed, so she could leave as soon as she wanted.

But we all went out and checked the house thoroughly, peeking around corners and listening carefully for the Strangers.  Then we went outside.

It was glorious.  SUNNY!!!  DRY!!!    I went straight up to my lookout spot and looked all around.  Right...
And Left.
Marley an Iza went straight down the deck stairs to the yard.  
They looked around carefully, too.  
And we all decided the Strangers were gone.
Unfortunately, TBT says the Strangers are coming back tomorrow AND Thursday.  The Thursday visit was a surprise to TBT too.  He says HE is feeling a bit locked up himself.  We were surprised by that, but he says he cant really do normal things himself while there are Strangers wandering around the house (and he worries about how WE are feeling).

At least the Thursday lockup will be short (he is told "about 30 minutes").  Then they will be gone.